Visit the 700-year-old ancient relic site in Quang Ninh province

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Anyone who has been to Cambodia will know Cua Ong Temple in Quang Ninh, this is one of the temples with the most beautiful architecture in Vietnam today. The temple is always open to visitors from all over the world.

in a long time, Quang Temple in Quang Ninh It is always praised for its great location. Charming view overlooking the clear blue Paekturagon Bay. and coolness See Quo Ong Temple Visits and Visitor Experiences below for the full schedule.

1. Where is the ancient temple of Wat Kuo Ong?

Ong Khampha Temple Hill area 9A, Cua Ong District, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh ProvinceLocated about 40 km from the center of Ha Long, Cua Ong Temple is one of the three most famous temples in Quang Ninh province. Prime location, rich nature, where the intersection between the mountains and the sea.

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This place worships the Third Deity of Cua Sang – Hung Nhuong Vuong Tran Quoc Tang (third son of Tran Hung Dao), who defended the Northeastern region of the country, this is also the commanding place of the Trang Dynasty and the entire family. . worshiped: Tran Quoc Tuan, Tran Anh Tong, Tran Khanh Du, Pham Ngu Lao, Yet Kieu…

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2. History and Monuments of Quang Ninh Quaw Temple

2.1.History of Wat Kuea On

According to historical records, Quan Ong temple – Quang Ninh was formed and existed for more than 700 years, undergoing many major restorations. At first it was just a small pagoda with thatched roofs and bamboo. But it was rebuilt between 1907 and 1916. In 1916, the site included Upper Pagoda, Trung Pagoda, Lower Pagoda and Stupa.

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After that, the temple was gradually restored and decorated. By 2014, the master plan for the relic site of Quang Kham Pa Zen Monastery, Quang Ninh province was approved. Covering an area of ​​18,125 hectares in 2017, Wat Chun was built and completed in 2017.

2.2. Structure of Quang Ninh pagoda relic in Quang Ninh province

According to the proposal of Cua Ong Temple, this place only worships National Master Tran Quoc Thanh, later built more temples and pagodas. especially:

  • Temple year: including Mother Temple and Trung Tien Long Mau Temple
  • Chun Pagoda: Worshiping the water gods Cam Sai, Dong Dao Tiet, Hoang Khanh, and Song Thanh.
  • Measure on: including Thuong Temple, Quan Chanh Temple, Quan Chau Temple, Tran Quoc Tang Pagoda and tombs;
  • Temple: Worshiping Women – Daughter of Tran Quoi Thanh (“Four Women”), Quan Am, Human God, Buddha, Jade Emperor, Nam Tao, Bac Dau, Thuong Thien Thanh Mau.

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3. When to visit the ancient site of Wat Kua Ong?

Quang Temple in Quang Ninh Are you open? The temple always welcomes locals and domestic and international tourists to visit. Even on New Year’s Eve, temples are open for worship and prayer.

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The best time to visit this place is at the beginning of the new year. Because this time of year the weather is cool and rainy. At the same time, the beginning of the year is also an occasion for pagodas to organize many festivals such as: Chau Ong main hall festival, praying ceremony, color procession to the palace…

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4. How to get to Kuea On Temple

From experience going to Quang Pagoda in Quang Ninh There are several ways to get here. Especially for tourists in Hanoi:

  • By bus: Visitors can travel from Hanoi to Cambodia by bus, priced from 80,000 – 300,000 VND an hour. Depending on the type of vehicle and type of seat, when coming to Cam Pha, visitors still hire a motorbike taxi or taxi to get to Kua Ong temple.
  • Personal car or motorbike: From the center of Hanoi, follow Nguyen Trai Street, cross National Highway 1A at Linh Nam. National Highway 5B/National Highway 04 and then follow National Highway 10, Highway 18 in Kampha town, go straight to Cua Ong Temple, the total distance is about 200 km.

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In addition, visitors can also go to Ha Long by the above method, then from Ha Long. Drive northeast on Highway 18 for 30-40 km and turn right about 100 meters to Kuo On Temple.

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5. Kuea Ong Kham Pa Pagoda What’s interesting?

5.1 Kua Ong Quang Ninh Temple – The 700-year-old sacred temple

Cua Ong Pagoda in Quang Ninh is the temple that many locals trust and go to Mass the most. The place worships Hung Nhuong Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tang, who played an important role in repelling the Mongol invaders in the 13th century for many centuries. The sacred and heroic legends of the temples have been passed down from generation to generation.

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5.2 Qua On Temple is the most beautiful temple in Quang Ninh in terms of architecture.

Quang On Pagoda is known as the most beautiful pagoda in Quang Ninh. It has a unique and mysterious architecture. This place collects all feng shui mascots: left dragon, right white tiger, mascot, spring dance.

The materials used to build the temple were cast stone, bricks and clay roof tiles. and honey lemon The decorative architecture is mainly based on the legend of the four spirits: Long, Li, Kui and Hung,…

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The architecture of the pagoda uses strong and durable woods such as iron nails, rosemary, mahogany … the frame is decorated with reliefs, couplets … and painted with gilded vermilion, engraved with cards.

5.3 Kua Ong Temple is famous for its culture.

Over hundreds of years of history, Quang Ninh’s Qua Ong Temple still retains its cultural and historical values, making a great contribution to maintaining and promoting the national cultural identity. community solidarity and spiritual cultural development while contributing to the cultural activities of the local people This place is also an attractive attraction for domestic and international tourists.

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5.4- The place where many big and interesting festivals take place all year round.

Since the 14th century, the Qua On Temple festival in Quang Ninh has always been a big event.

  • The main festivals of Cua Ong Temple: It is held from the 2nd day of the first lunar month to the end of the third lunar month.
  • sacramental ceremony, prayer ceremony, incense burning ceremony in honor of the main Buddha image: Including the procession of Tran Quoc Tang and
  • The clerics return to the palace: It lasts until the end of March according to the lunar calendar. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in many traditional games such as blindfolded drumming, catching sticks, tug of war, bird’s nest, blowing rice, eating betel nut.

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To fully enjoy the tour, sightseeing the spiritual area of ​​Quang Ninh Pagoda, Quang Ninh Tourists should choose a place that is convenient for travel. Meanwhile, we also ensure that visitors are equipped with all the perfect amenities and services to rest and recuperate after a long day of sightseeing and discovery and be a destination that can fully satisfy the needs of the tourists. strict demands of the above-mentioned tourists. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long.

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6. What hotels are convenient for visiting Cam Pha Cua Ong Temple in Quang Ninh?

When visiting Cua Ong temple in Quang Ninh, visitors will not have difficulty in finding accommodation and resting much. It may not always be able to meet the visitor’s needs in terms of…

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And the destination chosen by many tourists is Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha LongThere are many advantages that attract tourists here, such as

  • Classy design: Vinpearl Ha Long is known as the Vietnamese version of Dubai. Designed in elegant semi-classical architecture, graceful, elegant and elegant.
  • Sea view: The hotel’s rooms have 100% sea view, giving guests a feeling of relaxation.
  • Interesting add-ons: Visitors to Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long are interested in entertainment activities (artificial beach, four-season swimming pool, spa services, children’s playground), diverse cuisine and functional rooms. modern capabilities.

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7. How to go to Kua Temple How to prepare?

Quang Ninh Temple relic area has temples and pagodas. Visitors are advised to adhere to vegetarian, savory and fresh food etiquette. To go all groups, guests must shop. Preparatory rites can be selected from among the following.) Savory rituals used in the council (chicken, pork, spring rolls, spring rolls, etc., carefully cooked and served), food live offerings (salt, rice, raw eggs, ema).

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Because there are so many people here to worship. Therefore, it is necessary to limit burning oaths. Because the worshipers in the ceremony are mainly sincere. Preparing for the ceremony doesn’t have to be complicated. Because most of the offerings are sincere and frugal.

record: Inserting coins when burning incense can adversely affect your beauty. Therefore, visitors can put money in the merit box.

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8. Notes when coming to Cua Ong Temple in Quang Ninh

Cua Ong Temple is the most famous spiritual cultural spot of Vietnam. If you visit this place You should know the following:

  • Visitors are asked to dress politely and simply according to the better customs and traditions of the sacred Buddha Gate.
  • Visitors should walk slowly. because talking too loudly will affect others and affect the peaceful atmosphere of the temple.
  • It is forbidden for visitors to arbitrarily touch objects in the temple so as not to damage the monument.

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spiritual culture architecture Quang Ninh Pagoda It’s a quiet place where everyone I want to go at least once. Unforgettable experiences here will surely be one of the best memories in your life. Come here and experience it for yourself!

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