Watch clouds while eating Pho Skyscraper at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81.

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One day in early November, the Pearl of the Orient on the 66th floor of Landmark 81 tower was busier than usual with two special guests, the inspirational guy Nguyen Ky Vi and MC Vu Mang Cuong.

This breakfast special is the invitation of 15-year-old boy Nguyen Ky Vi, Ky Vi used to be known as an inspirational young man with a scientific and healthy lifestyle. After successfully losing 22kg at the age of 13 and becoming healthier and more active.

Not only that, but Ky Wei encourages age-appropriate world exploration, Ky Wei’s story has lifted the spirits of many people and changed their habits for the better.

Accompany with Pho Hom

Since I was young I have had the opportunity to travel to many places in the world, but with Ky Vi, traveling to a country offers special experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Admire her experiences through clips introducing Vietnamese culture, landscape and cuisine.

The boy has enjoyed 6-7 famous ramen shops in the country and wrote a review for domestic and international tourists to have a clearer picture of this unique delicious dish.

Ky Vi goes alone or joins famous guests in this culinary discovery journey.

“Pho is a Vietnamese specialty. Nutritious, delicious, in harmony with health and spirit. It has become a popular dish. It is the national dish of our country. So I would like to introduce Vietnamese noodles to everyone,” said Ky Vi.

When Vi explained the reason for inviting host Boo Mann Cuong to play Skyscraper Pho. In this episode, we chose a new iconic place of HCMC – Landmark 81, and the dish represents the pinnacle of record-setting. : Skyscraper Pho – The Landmark Pho

According to Ky Vi, MC Vu Manh Cuong is a very “quality” person, having had the opportunity to travel all over the country and try many delicious pho dishes, with this many years of experience, Ky Vi believes that MC Nghe An will help. be useful to you. he expresses his opinion as accurately as possible.

MC Vu Manh Cuong and Nguyen Ky Vi were present at Landmark 81 from 8:00 am. Famous Pho appeared at the shop. Enjoy drinks, chat and drinks. I love taking selfies, clouds.”

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“Denlo Duck” + David Rocco = “Four Skyscrapers”

In order not to keep two special guests waiting long. So the restaurant staff prepared two bowls of hot “king size” pho, a unique flavor that no other bowl of pho in the world could match, and I brought one. Prices in Hirachi are higher, but needless to say, the broth is made with Australian beef bones that simmer continuously for 48 hours, and the pho is made with one of the rarest wagyu beef in the world.

The pho recipe was passed on to Chef Vinpearl by Mr. Nguyen Trong Tinh, owner of the famous Pho Sin Lo Dak restaurant in the capital, to ensure that the pho recipe meets international standards.

The most special thing that Ky Vi and MC Vu Manh Cuong discovered is that all Vinpearl hotels and resorts across the country are proud to introduce to visitors this attractive dish according to the famous pho ting recipe.

Skinny David Rocco

After the opening, celebrity Canadian chef David Rocco came to enjoy “African Skyscrapers” in June 2019, inventing an interesting form in his own style. Based on Fo Ting’s original recipe, David Rocco advised the hotel’s chef to reduce the seasoning and add some ingredients like ginkgo. Pho still has a Vietnamese flavor but is more delicious and suitable for foreign diners.

before doing this Chef Rocco spends his days wandering the restaurants and traditional markets of Saigon. Learn about the ingredients and eat pho every day for inspiration.

Pho is made to order from a famous pho maker in Hanoi in a unique way. And delivered early in the morning by order of the hotel chef. This noodle machine has been selected and tested from a list of over 30 leading noodle manufacturers in Saigon. The noodles here are not too big nor too small, just firm, just thin enough to slurp the hot broth, not crunchy or flat.

The details are small but very subtle in the layout of the North Pho table, but “Skyscraper Pho” also includes vegetables and Nam bean sprouts, chili sauce, black sauce and garlic vinegar. Eat and remember forever”.

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