WBG “destroyed” UP 2-0 at LPL Summer 2022

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The 2-0 win over Ultra Prime is also the first time WBG won LPL Summer 2022 without going to Game 3.

WBG beat UP 2-0

In the week 4 match of the LPL Summer 2022 group stage, WBG overpowered the UP players and won the final 2-0. It can be seen that Weibo Gaming has surprised fans with its brilliant performance, which is different from its precarious daily performance.
Weibo Gaming played differently than usual and “shook off the precarious form” In the first game, SofM and his teammates were quite leisurely and played like a walk. Dejected in the first minute, Xin Zhao was completely defeated at the hands of H4cker. With a huge advantage, Weibo Gaming easily finished the game in the 23rd minute.
WBG easily overpowered the opponent.Weibo Gaming easily overpowered the opponent. In Game 2, Weibo Gaming still led UP by some distance. After the brainstorming phase, WBG wiped out 2 times in a row and pocketed 1 free baron. In the end, WBG won convincingly in the 27th minute.
The match ended in a 2-0 aggregate win for Weibo Gaming.The match ended in a 2-0 aggregate win for Weibo Gaming. This win helps SofM and his teammates climb into the top 5 in the group stage. In the near future they will face Top Esports – the team is in very good shape.
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