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Lien Quan Mobile: Garena will launch new equipment that supports gunners who can “beat” General Tank.

Lien Quan Mobile: Garena will launch the Bloody Shadow and destroy the God Palace

Many gamers have confirmed that these two items are currently available on the test server and will soon be released alongside the new champion Yan in the next update.

Blood Orb Bow

  • Price: 1100
  • Connection: chain mace + dagger
  • +40 Physical Attack
  • +10% attack speed

Unique Passive – Divine Penetration: +10% armor penetration (x2 vs. ranged champions)

Heavenly Palace

  • Price: 3200 won
  • Ingredients: Blood Ball Bow + Darts + Gloves
  • +50 physical attack
  • +30% attack speed
  • +12% Critical Hit Chance

Unique Passive – Divine Penetration: +20% Armor Penetration (x2 for ranged champions) Unique Passive – Cannonball: Basic attacks gain 50 additional physical damage (x2 against ranged champions, cooldown skill 0.35 seconds).
Lien Quan Mobile: Coming soon to equip Gunner to counter Tank Generals
Thus, it can be seen that when Destroy the Temple is released, it will be one of the most expensive gears in this game – up to 3200 gold, higher than the 2900 gold Holy Book and 2950 gold Fenrir’s Fang. However, it cannot be denied that the passive ability this item gives to the gunner is 100 bonus damage per hit, which is extremely useful. And 40% increased armor penetration (thanks to doubling as a ranged champion).
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