What are memes? Some famous memes that no one knows

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Memes are now not just a trend, but have become an integral part of cyberspace. No matter what group you belong to, what social network you use, they will always appear, whether you like it or not. Let’s find out now with TinHayVIP!

What are memes?

A meme (pronounced “mim”) is a concept, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person. They are expressed through symbolic themes, images, videos about a culture, behavior or action of people, animals or things. If the Covid-19 virus is causing a global pandemic with a rapid rate of infection, memes on social media are just as contagious. If you say “1 square meter, 10 people use memes” that’s not too much when everyone is now using it as a habit.

Where do memes come from?

Appeared in 1976 in The Selfish Gene by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Examples of mims included in the book are melodies, catchphrases, costumes, and bowing techniques.

Why are memes becoming more popular?

Aside from being fun, sometimes just using a Mim photo is enough to replace an idea, long story, or strong satire with the event or person you’re talking about.

What is a funny meme? Top legendary memes for a while

These are mimes created with the intention of having a good time (in fact, more than 80% of them are on duty). While whether memes are funny or not depends in no small part on using the right context, these memes are always easy to make people laugh. Some examples:

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Weibo panda

The panda meme on Weibo is well known not only in China but also in Vietnam. With their unique expressions and heartwarming sayings, these memes always make a strong impression.
What is a funny meme?Weibo Panda 2Weibo panda 3

bad boy

Mentioning the meme and ignoring bad boy Gavin Thomas would be a huge mistake. It has been a phenomenon since its appearance and is still famous today. Gavin is known for his photo series featuring a series of “intolerable” expressions.
bad boy

cat meme

Animals have always been one of the humorous forces in the world and at the forefront are cats. The “kings” always possess innumerable expressions belonging to the category “supreme of supreme,” making the number of Mim about them immeasurable.
Memes about cats 1cat meme 2cat meme 3

man against hips

Also known as the “Disappointed Man”. This photo appeared around August 2019, it is known that the main character is Mohammad Akhtar, when he watched the football match between Pakistan and Australia, Pakistan missed a catch. With faces and actions that cannot be moved, often used to express situations and behavior that “have nothing to say”.
man against hips

Chloe looks to the side

When expressing your confusion and wondering “what’s going on,” nothing is more apt than Chloe’s confused expression. This unique facial expression really helps you express honestly and clearly what we want to express.
Chloe looks to the side

Some other funny memes

Some other funny memes - Meme I protect everyone
                Baby Meme Sat
Some other funny memes - horror memes
Some other funny memes - memes you don't understand
                Chinese memes

What is a dark meme?

These are memes used to generate laughter but the images used are of a satirical cause or event. Viewers will often be quick to tell who the character in the picture is, what the event is, but therefore, when used correctly, his humor is enhanced.
What is a dark meme?
In addition, some dark memes also contain extremely dark stories among the funny and cute plots and sayings they feature. These memes are sometimes extremely sensitive and users really need to be careful not to backfire.
Above are the concept and some examples of memes, while they are very amusing and often used a lot, you should still use the right context and situations to create attention-grabbing effects, such as: lust.

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