What date is NNN? Why can’t November turn around?

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What is NNN? No Nut November is one of the hugely popular movements of November 2011 and it still exists to this day. While eliciting mixed opinions, there is no denying that this trend is having an impact on young people.

What date is NNN? Why can’t November turn around?

What date is NNN? No Nut November or NNN means “fasting” November. If you’re vegetarian thinking “sorry we’re not here”, here’s the challenge to say no to sex all month of November NNN.

Sex is considered here as sex or orgasm. This means that “do it yourself” and “do it yourself” are not allowed in November NNN. Now you see how terrible this movement is. However, there are still many people who embark on this arduous and difficult path.

Origin NNN No Nut November?

The NNN challenge is said to have first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2011 by an author named bimboi6969696969. Accordingly, nut is a metaphor for the act of ejaculation, which is why this challenge is primarily reserved for men.
What is NNN?  What date is NNN?  What is No Nut November?  The origin of No Nut November?
After that, the NoFap community took this trend to Reddit and the NNN event to challenge attendees not to turn their hands in November. It’s the excitement of this movement that many people and up until now have responded to. Hours. To date, the NNN event is still very hot. Currently, the rules of the game have changed a lot, so this movement applies to both men and women.

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How popular is No Nut November?

If you have a fleeting thought in your head “who would join this shitty, cruel and evil trend” then you are wrong. With information and dialectics about the harms of masturbation, this movement had more than 16,500 subscribers on Reddit in 2018. And so far almost 70,000 people have joined. If counted in any other way, this number is much higher. It can be seen that the development of social networking platforms has given people the opportunity to connect with each other through interesting and unique playgrounds. That’s why trends like NNN, DDD or new concepts like 520, 419, 420 are becoming more and more popular among young people.

What are the rules of NNN (No Nut November)?

The way to join this trend is very simple, you can do whatever you want but don’t have sex and don’t ejaculate. Of course you have to extend this promotion until the end of November, the challenges run from November 1st to November 30th.
What is NNN?  What date is NNN?  What is No Nut November?  What are the rules of No Nut November?
Despite heavy publicity, as of November 2, 2019, more than 100 million fighters quit the game, according to PornHub stats. There are usually very few people who can complete the above challenge with only about 10% of the people participating. Especially those who are 18-30 years old and currently single hardly last a week.

Things you might not know about No Nut November

Sexual needs are indispensable for human beings. According to the survey, every person in men aged 18-30 has a need for masturbation 2-3 times a week. By the age of 30-40, this requirement decreases to 4-5 times/month. However, with the development of information technology, depraved cultural products, hot girls showing their bodies are becoming more accessible, masturbation is increasingly abused. Too much “self treatment” will severely affect the quality of your sperm and your activities. From there, one’s health, race, and many other consequences are reduced. So it can be said that this is a very sensible movement.
Things you might not know about No Nut November

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Should I try NNN?

In fact, for those of you used to your own “activity” schedule, this is quite difficult. But we should also try to see where our limit lies, because it is not necessary to go to the end.

If the job collapses in the middle of the street, does it have any repercussions?

Except that I was ugly in front of this friend I used to “cheat on”. “I’ll do this for you in 1 month, NNN is too easy” You are not affected by anything. So don’t hesitate!

What is DDD and what does it have to do with NNN?

DDD is also a fairly popular concept and evolved from NNN. Accordingly, DDD is a major event in December, ie Destroy Dick December, which roughly translates to “destroy your friend” at the end of December, “said” to rest throughout until Christmas (maybe that’s the test. spooky challenge).
Above is the information about what is NNN day, what is November No Nut. I hope you understand and have a more positive view on this extremely interesting trend from November NNN, November without turning around.

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