What does a laptop need to play League of Legends?

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While laptops playing League of Legends do not have high configuration requirements, they still need to be powerful enough to provide the best gaming experience. So what are these configuration criteria? Everything will be found in the following article from Innnewyorkcity VN.com.

Why should you buy a laptop to play League of Legends?

As many of you know, the configuration for playing League of Legends is not too high, so most laptops today can cope with this game just fine. Therefore, a compact but extremely handy machine will help you make use and travel more comfortable.

Since it requires little configuration and the price to pay to own a relatively cheap laptop model, the choice is also much easier. You don’t have to have a headache to build a good PC without knowing how to choose components. In addition, buying a laptop will help you to both entertain and support the learning process.
You don't have to have a headache to build a good PC without knowing how to choose components.

What does a laptop need to play League of Legends?

Once you’ve determined why we need a laptop to play League of Legends, here’s what you need to know in advance in order to choose the most suitable device.

Make sure the laptop is configured to play LOL

In the League of Legends game, the minimum configuration to experience is quite low, specifically as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10.
  • Processor (CPU): 3 GHz processor speed (supports SSE2 instruction set or higher).
  • Memory: 2GB.
  • Graphics card (GPU): Shader version 2.0.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher.
  • Hard Drive: 12GB hard drive.
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However, in order to fight this MOBA game well, you need to buy a machine with a higher configuration to both play smoothly and ensure game balance in many future updates. So a laptop of ours needs the following average configuration:

  • CPU Intel Core i3-4340/AMD FX-6300: This CPU model has quite high performance, stability and a reasonable price. Having a computer equipped with the above minimum configuration will ensure that the computer will continue to play LOL games for a number of years without problems.
  • 8GB RAM: Exactly, we only need 4GB RAM to play LOL well. However, with 4GB of RAM, lag when fighting or freezing when playing at high configuration levels is quite possible. So 8 GB RAM levels are the better choice.
  • VGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HONDA DREAM 7850 2GB: A laptop’s onboard card can only help you experience League of Legends games at medium to low configuration levels. Therefore, to enhance the experience and play games smoothly, using discrete graphics cards is still a top priority.
  • Windows 10 OS: Still using Win 7.8 these days seems a bit of alum, right? In fact, Windows 10 optimizes quite well for the gaming experience and also offers better stability.
  • 20GB Free Hard Drive: After installing the League of Legends game, there is up to almost 13GB of free hard drive space available, so a 20GB free hard drive is imperative.

Be sure to configure the laptop to play LOL.  What does the laptop need to play League of Legends?

Choose a laptop to play League of Legends at the right price

If features are a necessary condition for a laptop to play League of Legends smoothly, then price is a sufficient condition. Since the configuration requirements are not high, you only need a laptop with a price range of 10-20 million. Although the price range of 15 million is the best, because at this price you can already own a model with good, stable gaming abilities, suitable for the pocket of the vast majority of users.
Choose a laptop to play League of Legends at the right price
Currently, the price of a laptop is quite cheap, with only about VND 15 million, we can own a machine equipped with VGA RTX 1050ti. And if you have the requirements, try to move up to 5 million, there are also new machines equipped with RTX 1650 that are both powerful and trendy. If you have a high financial level, you can also invest 25-30 million to buy a machine equipped with RTX 2000 and 3000 series graphics cards (of course, buy a laptop > 20 million just to play League of Legends to play). language is a bit expensive).

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75 Hz FullHD screen

Not only laptops play League of Legends, but also with every game. Full HD picture quality is also a necessary factor for the game to produce the best graphics quality. At this level, the resulting image is sharp and realistic, helping you reduce eye strain during use. In addition to the screen quality, the refresh rate is also extremely important. The higher the refresh rate, the lower the frame lag. So if your laptop has a high refresh rate, you’ll get a better reflection.
75 Hz FullHD screen
There is a small note that laptop screens are very different for different color quality. Therefore, compare monitor models before purchasing to get the best gaming experience and minimize eye strain from staring at the laptop screen too much.

Good quality keyboard

With a laptop that plays League of Legends, the quality of the keyboard is extremely important. Not only helps players execute skills easily and accurately, but also helps you charge your teammates at altar speed. In fact, cheap laptops have quite poor keyboard quality, for those who are strong and play a lot, after only 12 years of use, the keys can be completely lost. Therefore, we must choose a laptop with a quality keyboard.
Good quality keyboard
In addition to the quality of the keyboard, the design is also very important, some laptops have a small keyboard layout, short key travel reduces accuracy when playing games. So before you buy a laptop, play a few games to see if the keyboard design works for you.
Above are the things you need to know about laptops to play League of Legends. I hope the above article will help LOL believers make the best choice. Thanks for reading and good luck climbing.

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