What does it take to go to a distant Italy when Vietnam has a ‘copy of Venice’ Grand World Phu Quoc?

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Venice Phu Quoc comes to life at Phu Quoc United Centre, a resort paradise of sleep, entertainment and shopping. No need to set foot in Italy. Couples can go on a romantic and enchanting canal cruise.

Venice Phu Quoc Fulfill your dream of going to Venice. The city of love in Italy and enjoy the romantic, poetic feeling by the poetic canal.

Venice Phu Quoc – A Place Full of Love

At Phu Quoc United Center, couples can experience all levels of love in a “miniature Venice” in the heart of Grand World Phu Quoc without having to worry about a tiring 10-hour flight.

Grand World Phu Quoc is a world-class resort, entertainment and shopping complex with the most innovative ideas. Bringing memorable experiences to visitors with thousands of utilities for the first time in Vietnam. Prominent among them is the model of venice, the Italian paradise of love, which recreates a canal that meanders through three semicircular bridges with domes and typical European architecture. The beautiful scenery here makes visitors feel like they are really traveling to the West.

arrive Phu Quoc Reunification CenterCouples can indulge in a romantic feeling while sailing on the clear blue water on a traditional gondola. Along with the beautiful sound of Italian love songs. The image of a boat with a couple floating on the calm water between ancient architectures leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of visitors.

Here are countless options for a visit to the Phu Quoc Reunification Center, if you want to save beautiful photos, remember to visit some interesting check-in locations such as the magnificent castle gate, Love Park. full of flowers. Teddy Bear Museum…


Visitors can also take a boat ride along. Then go shopping at Duong Dong night market in the commercial district of Indochina and stroll below the magical Lantern Street in Shanghai’s shopping district.

>>> Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences that you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

“No one sleeps at Grand World Phu Quoc”

Bright lights, vibrant music don’t stop at Grand World, the first nightlife economic model of Vietnam after Venice Phu QuocGet ready for a concert at Beach Square, featuring world-class artists and DJs. Day and night, four seasons, lantern festival, beer festival, carnival, carnival… Visitors can immerse themselves in a lively space where sounds are softened and emotions overflowing.

Venice - Phu Quoc - Flowers - Center

Most impressively, the show “The Essence of Vietnam” by director Viet Tu is a valuable highlight in the Phu Quoc United Center value chain, especially for those who are passionate about cultural tourism. The monumental combination of the big stage, impressive gameplay, beautiful choreography, and the show will bring visitors interesting experiences and memorable moments during their vacation in Phu Quoc.

The reality TV show Elite Vietnam is expected to impress the audience with a program that cleverly combines the typical cultural features of the Vietnamese people.

Phu Quoc United Center is also close to Grand World. First Corona Casino in VietnamThe entertainment paradise VinWonders, 18-hole golf course, the largest semi-natural zoo in Vietnam, Vinpearl Safari promises to bring you a memorable trip.

To relax and enjoy the ideal stay at United Center Phu Quoc, visitors can choose to stay at Vinpearl Resort, above all, with exclusive service of Vinbus – Grand World free hourly shuttle to attractions. play, other entertainment around the island to help tourists move around and explore. Venice Phu Quoc The number of visitors will be very quick and convenient.

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