What does killing girls mean? Reveal how to read killer girl

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What does killing girls mean? How do you recognize a flower boy? This question not only concerns most women, but men also want to learn.

What does killing girls mean?

Killing girls is a way of talking about a guy who is very good at flirting with friends of the opposite sex. Men who kill girls often have handsome, pompous, elegant looks. To crush the enemy quickly, these boys often hit upon the sisters’ “Love by Ear” weakness with honeyed words.

Most flower boys love to play. They use the technique to make the girls fall into the net. At the same time, they like the feeling of conquering and discovering the opponent. Therefore, the pompous guys get bored very quickly once they have conquered the heart of this person. They are content with their love experience and see it as a feat to brag about it to their friends. It can be said that female killers are a type of man. If you don’t know what a male tramp is, this is also a way to call guys who love to joke around, love to flirt and date, but really only cheat on money or cheat on other people’s love. However, Tra Nam’s personality is somewhat evil, cruel and almost seen as scum.

How do you recognize a girl killer?

Once we understand what murder means, it’s also time to learn how to recognize what qualities a girl killer will have. Most women will fall in love quickly when being flirted by male killers, especially girls who dream about romance and haven’t experienced first love yet. She has a soft spot for pink love like in the fairy tale with him, but in fact many girls have had to get bitter fruit for being too “believable”.

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“Master” flirting skills

Peachy boys often have very skilled flirting skills. They always know how to approach the opponent skillfully and naturally. Next, he uses psychological tricks to quickly win the hearts of the other party.
How do you recognize a girl killer?
The most effective tool used by men is pink stories with a lot of sweet promises, girls become very interested and more and more confident. Some typical sweet words like the promise of a big wedding, two trips around the world… However, most of them are just empty promises. If you ask what a prostitute’s sweet words mean, the only answer is that he wants to get in bed with you as soon as possible.

Ask for a girlfriend to “get close” quickly.

He was too close to you on the first date. He even boldly suggested that he wanted to do it. To charm your soul he will use sweet words to introduce in the story that he wants to be yours and be together. Don’t think so fast! These empty words have no good intentions at all. If he genuinely and truly loves you, the time to wait a little longer is just a trifle.

love the freedom

The look on a guy who kills a girl tends to hate ties. They want their own space and get annoyed every time their girlfriend is interested in relationships. His goal towards the girls is to temporarily “tease the moon”. At a certain point he will find all sorts of excuses to leave you. Therefore, meeting these objects, if you do not want to fall in love, you should immediately refuse.
Loves Freedom - How to recognize a girl killer

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Confusion of Personal Information

Sure, the peach boys felt a lot of girls before they came to you. Despite saying you’re the only one and admitting he’s lonely, he’s never been in love with anyone. These are just unreliable statements. Additionally, they often use a scholarly look to cover up their peachy nature. If you pay close attention, it will not be difficult to discern the truth in his words. He is interested in many girls, so he often confuses personal information. For example: date of birth, home address, personal interests, work, dating schedule, family background…
Hopefully the above information has answered the question of what it means to kill a girl. Use it to find your ideal life partner. Wish you had a wise choice in love.

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