What does kimchi mean? The reason why young people are “fascinated”.

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Kimochi is a word that comes from the land of the rising sun. With the advent of culture, this new word is quickly updated and widely used by young people on social networks.

Learn what Kimochi is?

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, you’ve probably heard of kimo-chi. This word has the following meaning:

In the original Japanese meaning

Kimochi is a word used to express feelings of joy, excitement, excitement, etc. It can be combined with other words to form layers of meaning depending on the situation. It has the same meaning as the English word “feeling”. As such, the nature of the word is not sensitive at all. However, depending on the actual context, the speaker uses it for different purposes.

The perspective of today’s youth

In recent years, Japan’s adult industry has flourished not only with films but also with animation genres like hentai. “Ki-mo-chi” is the sound viewers often hear through sensitive 18+ footage. This is how actors express emotions when they achieve physical pleasure.

In which cases should Kimochi be used?

The language of each country is very diverse and rich. Therefore, in order to understand the word ki-mo-chi, you should carefully study its meaning and context. In fact, many people have used this word under the wrong circumstances and put themselves in a situation where they both cried and laughed.


For many couples, sex is always a way to keep the fire burning. In addition to the sincere feelings that two people have for each other, sexual relationships are essential. When it comes to physical satisfaction, two people always think of each other and there is no room for a third person.
In which cases should Kimochi be used?
To express happiness and contentment with a partner, the word ki-mo-chi is used. It will make love more interesting and attractive. In a situation where only the two of you belong together, relax your body and express your feelings freely. You don’t have to be shy, shy, or embarrassed in front of this person. Sincere love will help couples connect better and understand each other better.

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Show your love to your loved ones

Depth is not just a special feeling in love, but kimo-chi is simply gratitude. It is used to express joy when receiving a gift from a relative or friend. At the same time, you feel loved and valued by that special someone. In addition, Kimo-Chi also appears when a person wants to show surprise. Did you get good results on the exam? You met the project deadline and got a hot bonus from your boss? You have done an excellent job, have you received a promotion notice from your superiors? All these unexpected emotions burst with joy.
Show your love to your loved ones

The meaning of praise

In some situations, the word kimochi is used for compliments with wings. You greatly admire a girl or a certain man because of his attractive looks, outstanding talent, gentle personality and tolerance. You always seem to have a place in your mind for that person. So why are you shy not to admit your feelings? Come up with ideas to prepare confessional gifts. The plan to conquer the dream lover will be more perfect if there are flowers and gifts. More precisely, sweet words are an indispensable element. You will surely make the other person fall in love with sincere feelings from the bottom of your heart.
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