What does NP mean? Find out the meaning of NP in love stories

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Maybe you’ve seen the word NP somewhere but don’t understand what the real meaning behind this expression is. Let’s go with Innnewyorkcity VN to find the answer in the following article to understand it better!

What is NP?

NP stands for N person (many people), which is also a word we often see in Chinese love stories. The series belongs to the NP genre about the relationship between a man and a woman or a woman, the plot details are strongly sexual, especially the passion series.

In addition, this can also be an abbreviation of some words, such as:

  • No problem: Nothing, no problem.
  • Unknown Polynomial Time: A mathematical term denoting an algorithm whose polynomial time is uncertain. NP is understood as a set of decision problems that can be solved in polynomial time by an uncertain machine.

It can be seen that depending on the case and context, this word has different meanings. However, the most common use of the word refers to a series of Chinese fantasy stories.

The meaning of NP in passion

In Chinese love stories, there are stories about the relationship of many men and women or one man and one woman, which also fall into many different categories. Some examples can be taken as follows:

  • 2P is 1 man 1 woman or 2 man 2 women.
  • 3P means 1 male 2 females or 2 males 1 female.

Playing NP is the game of collective love. This means having sex with many people at the same time. It can be said that the series that go in this direction are quite heavy stories that not only have realistic elements, but sometimes the author also inserts salacious dialogues for the characters. Passion in NP also has other beautiful names like fairest of characters, fairest of beauties, fairest of beauties…
The meaning of NP in passion
These are all words used to refer to the genre of stories that exploit the Boy Love theme. This genre originated in China, so it often has its own culture or is set in China. NP content in passion is often complicated love stories of many men and women. There are often emotional struggles in the story. The context of this type of story can be used in both ancient and modern times and in the future.

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Some of my favorite “many relationships” stories.

Some stories about "multi-person relationship" favourite
There are many people who are passionate about NP stories. The following article introduces you to some books that, if you have time, invite you to read:

  • Beloved: This is a kind of story in the genre of history, space, comedy. This is a very special spiritual dish of many people.
  • The Next Beauty: The Reverse Story Genre, Strong Woman.
  • Black lotus flowers prosperity: Reverse language genre, strong woman.
  • Seafood Banquet: Romantic genre.
  • In the reincarnation of the supermodel: The genre of love language across the room, fast, imaginative.
  • God of Evolution: Strong Woman Genre, Urban Love.
  • FILLS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE: Super spicy romance genre.
  • Like me, everyone gets sick.
  • Perfume translation system: genre of love, through space.
  • Sweet and Wet Honey: The love language genre is sharp and heavy.

Currently, there are many people who love Chinese NP genre. People who love this genre of stories are called fu ni or when men love this genre they are called hu nam. With the information shared in the article, you must have answered the question of what NP is and what this word means. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to update useful information!

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