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Named after the Cerro del Topo Chico mountain in Mexico, the brand has been around since the company’s founding in 1895. Initially selling only carbonated mineral water.

After being acquired in 2017, Coca-Cola will launch its Topo Chico bottled beverage brand in 2021.

Topo Chico seltzer flavors include Exotic Pineapple, Aromatic Lemon, Tropical Mango and Strawberry Guava.

Those flavors are available in the United States. with other flavors A little further out in the UK, Topo Chico has just launched a Margarita flavour.

Our Favorite Chico Seltzers Topo

Read on to learn about delicious Topo Chico flavors.

tropical mango

Like the hard seltzer Topo Chico flavor, the Tropical Mango flavor has 100 calories, 2 grams of sugar, 4.7% alcohol by volume, and is gluten-free.

Unlike other brands on the market, Topo Chico’s Mango has a fruity taste. rather than oversaturated or undetected.

Although I love all these flavors. but in my experience, the mango is the most popular type of mango. The taste of this drink has a lovely balance between sweet and sour.

So anyone who wants something between bright lemon and sweet strawberry guava has a perfect taste.

strawberry guava

Guava Topo Chico strawberry flavor is a complex combination of strawberry and sweet guava.

The flavor has elements of pear and pineapple. This flavor is probably the sweetest of the Topo Chico hard scrubbers.

The taste is not too sweet or carbonated. It also has a fruity flavor that is easy to manage without being overwhelming.

Because of their ABV, some of these zeltzers are great for a cool afternoon or a fun evening out.

weird pineapple

Strange pineapple fully captures the essence of the central fruit.

It’s an interesting balance between sour and sweet. It makes a great addition to summer mixed drinks or refreshments.

No matter what you drink, you will be surprised at how delicious it is.

I always thought that I would not enjoy this taste. In my experience with other pineapple defrost machines.

However, Topo Chico Exotic Pineapple has a good taste but not too overwhelming. There’s a hint of lemon crunch.

lemon lemon flavor

Tangy Lemon Lime may have the simplest flavor on this list. But still worth the drink.

The citrus flavor is bright but not overpowering. This hard soda is somewhat reminiscent of the lemon soda you probably drank in your childhood.

Bright and tight casserole This flavor will delight you on any occasion you serve it. This flavor is another great choice as a cocktail mixer or a stand-alone drink.

While all sauces from Topo Chico are fortified with minerals, they are not. I find it most obvious in this flavor. They add an interesting flair.

Margarita’s signature

I like canned margarine to take to the beach or to a pickup truck. So I was so excited when Topo Chico launched this flavor.

The Topo Chico Signature Margarita is still a brandy and is not technically a canned cocktail. But with hints of real lemon, tequila and salt.

I really enjoy using this carbonate.

strawberry hibiscus

Strawberry Hibiscus is one of the newer flavors. But it quickly became one of my favorites.

The sweet strawberry combined with the hibiscus tea is not too sweet. And also has a lemon smell. This flavor belongs to the Margarita family of flavors, so it retains the classic sour taste.

This Strawberry Hibiscus Margarine from Topo Chico has a mild flavor – perfect for summer sipping!

Pear thorns

Prickly pear is a new favorite flavor drink and Topo Chico is doing great.

Features pear, melon and other fruit flavors that match the classic margarita lemon and tequila flavors.

I love this flavor because it’s not common among other famous drink brands!

tropical pineapple

Tropical pineapple is the new taste. Not to be confused with the original pineapple.

Since this drink is part of the Topo Chico hard seltzers margarita line, it still differs from the original pineapple flavor. There are notes of lemon, agave and tequila to balance the sweet pineapple.

I really like this one more than the exotic pineapple!

water the tree

Farm water has become a popular cocktail at bars and restaurants, and Topo Chico ranch water is a great, light choice.

This is a soft drink flavored with real lemon juice, agave and tequila only.

Tired of overly sweet and synthetic drinks? Farm water is a good choice!

Chico Seltzer Topo Flavor

  1. tropical mango
  2. strawberry guava
  3. weird pineapple
  4. lemon lemon flavor
  5. Margarita’s signature
  6. strawberry hibiscus
  7. Pear thorns
  8. tropical pineapple
  9. water the tree

final thought

So next time you are looking for a refreshing drink. Check out these delicious Topo Chico flavors. These four flavors are commonly found in different packages.

So you have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of flavors throughout the night. You can’t go wrong with the delicious Topo Chico seltzer flavor.

Check out the best flavors of other brands, such as the Really Best flavors or the new Sonic Hard Seltzer flavors!

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