What is 520? The meaning of angel number 520 for couples in love

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Perhaps you often hear or surf somewhere on social networks and see number 520 but do not understand what number 520 means. Take a look at this article to understand why the number 520 is so commonly used as a notation.

What is number 520?

520 is a number used as a love code by many young people in China. 520 stands for the phrase “I Love You”, which means “I love you” or “I love you”. The reason for this meaning is because humans are based on the homophony of numbers and the word “I love you” in the Chinese language. The number 520 in Chinese, when pronounced, has the same pronunciation as the word “Wo ai ni” (I love you). Hence, people rely on this reciprocity and use number 520 to express their feelings in the most subtle way towards the person they love.
The number 520 is compared to the love code of couples. It can be seen that today’s young people love to create new words to convey emotional messages that are usually difficult to express.

The origin of the number 520

It is not a given that people only rely on the homophony of the number 520 to declare their love, but the number 520 also has other profound meanings based on a very touching story about true love in China.
Where does the number 520 come from?The number 520 originated from the story of a couple in love. The story is told by many people that there is a boy and a girl who love each other very much, but the boy is a bit shy and shy and does not dare to express his feelings to this girl. The girl also always expected the guy to confess to her, but the longer she waited, the more angry and disappointed she became. Time passed until one day the girl said to the boy: “Today please pick me up on the 520 bus”. The boy was confused because the 520 bus was not the route to the girl’s house so he kept wondering why the girl asked to take that bus back and what is the 520 bus? Until the boy heard the truth about the 520 bus on the radio, he decided to take the girl home on the 520 bus, and from there they began their love. Since then, 520 has become more popular and widely used, this number as a symbol of Chinese love for childhood.

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What date is 520? The special meaning of 520 days for couples

Because of its widespread use, the meaning of the number 520 becomes even more special. Do you know what the special k of 520 is?
What is the special meaning of 520 for couples?There are many people who choose the special day 520 to hold their wedding. That is, many couples in China chose May 20, 2010 as their dateonline lover”. May 20, 2010 is read in full as 2010520, pronounced “er ling yao ling wu er ling”, which is very similar to “ai ni yao ni wo ai ni”, meaning “I love you – I love you”. If you understand it more precisely, number 0 represents girlfriend, number 1 represents boyfriend, so 520 is girlfriend’s valentine’s day, 521 is boyfriend’s lover, same as valentine’s day 14/2 and 14/3 so. Because of this peculiarity, many couples in China often choose May 20 for wedding photography, marriage registration… to capture important milestones in life on this special day. .

What is 520 999?

If the word 520 means “I love you,” what does the added 999 mean? The number 9 also has another reading as “nine” that symbolizes eternity, longevity and eternity. So angel number 520 999 is the day for men to express their love to the person they love. The number 520,999 stands for the saying “I love you forever”. It is said that if you confess in this way, the success rate is 99%. After understanding the meaning of angel number 520, many of us also realize that sometimes in life we ​​should use our own numbers instead of words as well. If you’re in love with someone but don’t dare to put it into words, try your own love code. Because maybe these numbers create a special event in your life? Hopefully, by sharing what the angel number 520 means, you will have a better understanding of this special love code. Wish you get your love by magic numbers.

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