What is a crank? Is too much spinning harmful?

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What is a crank? How do I turn my hand correctly? Is it okay to turn a lot of hands to be a cause that many young people are afraid to face? Let’s find the answer with Innnewyorkcity VN!

What is a crank?

What is handspinning is the question most teens who are on the verge of the strongest sexual desire ask themselves. The term hand cranking refers to male or female masturbation, but generally refers to the manual stimulation of a man’s penis to achieve orgasm and ejaculation. Hand crank or “wide” is the best solution for sexually curious teenagers. During puberty, especially in men, the amount of sex hormones increases, if you do not have a partner, turning your hand is a safe measure to meet physiological needs.

Is hand spinning beneficial or harmful?

What is a crank?  Is hand spinning beneficial or harmful?

Is it good to shoot a lot?

If you understand what a crank is? then too frequent overuse will not be beneficial to health and form a negative lifestyle. However, if you hand crank in moderation and are aware of the problem, hand cranking will promote its benefits. If you are under pressure in your life or have a mental imbalance, hand twisting can help you relieve stress and bring a sense of refreshment. Many men who are single or in long-distance relationships sleep better and have a clearer head. Proper hand rotation also helps prevent STDs. Then you can solve your own physiological problems without resorting to the help of prostitutes.

Is too much spinning harmful?

What is a crank?  Is too much spinning harmful?
Excessive hand rotation can make men more susceptible to kidney damage and impaired sexual function. Common manifestations in men include back pain, frequent nighttime urination, frequent knee pain, erectile dysfunction, diluted semen, and premature graying of the hair.

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What is the effect of the crank?

Many men are only interested in masturbating themselves by twisting their hands without learning much about hand cranks, is that ok? In addition to affecting the kidneys, excessive hand rotation also causes male sexual dysfunction. In particular, men who rotate their hands a lot decrease the quality of sperm with each ejaculation. The “boy” is often stimulated, so it is very sensitive and easily leads to premature ejaculation. Therefore, the “boy” needs to rest in order to restore his health after the battles. Working too hard regularly can lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. Not only that, performing the hand twist multiple times leaves the “boy” paralyzed and difficult to stimulate. And when you’re in a real fight, you can’t ejaculate or it takes a long time for it to happen. If hands are not cleaned, bacteria can enter the urinary tract and cause diseases such as urinary tract infections, painful urination, cloudy urine…

Does a lot of hand rotation have memory loss?

Aside from what’s wrong with turning your hand, is it okay to turn a lot? It is also one of the most frequently asked questions by men. In particular, many men often doubt whether frequent turning of hands can lead to memory loss or not? Excessive hand rotation can lead to nervous system disorders due to frequent excitement. This reduces the ability to focus on things and memory problems in the brain. Some diseases affect the nervous system with frequent turning of the hands, such as

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What exactly is a crank?

What is a crank?  How do I turn my hand correctly?
Is Malnutrition Harmful to Male Reproductive Health? If the hand is not rotated properly, it can “damage the boy,” resulting in a more dangerous condition than infertility. In order for the hand rotation to happen naturally, the man must take the “boy” and raise his hand vertically, continuously pulling up and down until he reaches orgasm. During filming, you should not be stressed and tired, and do not forget to stroke the “boy” to be more excited. The man can also play around with “two marbles” under his “boy”. A little trick to get you “climax” easily is to try rubbing the “boy” with smooth, smooth, thin objects. When you are about to ejaculate, pausing for a while to reduce the sensation of orgasm and then starting again will help prevent premature ejaculation and control cravings.

How to remove the crank

What is a crank?  Is it okay to turn your hands a lot?

To get rid of the habit of frequent hand-turning, men need to limit the viewing of pornographic or obscene content. Instead, you should devote time to side activities such as: playing sports, meeting family, friends, etc. Besides, men should also create an appropriate schedule to reduce the frequency of hand rotation when you are addicted.
Innnewyorkcity VN just answered the question What is hand spinning? Is it good to shoot a lot? What is the right crank? Hopefully, now that you understand what a hand wheel is, you can take selfies your own way.

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