What is a Feminist? The mysterious truth about the world of fufu

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What is a Feminist? How many types are there? What are the properties? What are the telltale signs?… There are many questions surrounding these girls – who are the characters that straight men are afraid of.

What is a Feminist?

Fugirl is a term of Japanese origin that refers to girls who love the relationship between men and boys. The fufu girls not only enjoy reading stories and watching gay movies, they even try to “ship” boats to get the boys together.

What is an English nun?

The term “fujoshi” has been around since the 1980s, in Japanese as 腐女子 (ふじょし, Fujoshi) and in English simply as fangirl. Although the word fangirl does not fully express the meaning of the word fufu, there is currently no noun specifically for fufu in English.
The concept “hu” originated in Japan and has become quite popular in Vietnam.

How many types of women’s hats are there? What types of witches are there?

The concept of “what is noodles” is now familiar to most people, but not everyone is familiar with different types of noodle soup. Depending on the characteristics, fufu is divided into 3 main types: idol fufu, passionate fufu, and fujo fujo. The three types are each understood as follows:

1. Female Idol

Female idols are girls who are passionate about idols. They always want their idols to switch from opposite sex to same sex love. They can spend hours searching, choosing the right idol for their idol, and spreading the word about the couple they just sent around.

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2. A passionate woman

As you might know the name, these girls really like stories and movies about passion. Passion is a fairly common type of content in China, so it’s no wonder geeks are often Chinese movie fans.
How many types of women are there?Fufu’s passion are straight curves. Unlike idols, passionate fu only want to see poetic love stories both on film and in real life. This is also the most common form of fufufu and also the most “benign”.

3. Fuji

Fujoshi aka otaku is the earliest form and is very fond of yaoi manga. This type of story is considered extremely difficult because it is full of hot scenes between men and women.

Signs and characteristics of female glasses

You already know “what is fufu?”, “there are many types”, so how do you know what fufu is? Let’s take a look at the standout features below!
How do you recognize a witch?Characters identifying real fufufu

1. Support the LGBT community wholeheartedly

The nuns have always been supportive of LGBT groups and gay men in particular. These girls often whisper to you about homosexuality and convince you not to discriminate against them but to support them.

2. Use of strange words and symbols

Noodles often uses words pertaining to the LGBT community in conversations, such as any concept, LGBT object they are unfamiliar with.

3. Lifestyle, doing very secret things

Hardly anyone knows what a fufu friend’s day is like because they are very private and don’t have much contact with outsiders. They often focus on doing something and sometimes laugh to themselves for no reason. Maybe they send a passionate couple in their hearts.

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4. Let male friends live with other friends

If you’re in love with a girl who constantly invites you to parties, hangs out, and lets you date another guy on a regular basis, she’s probably a fufufufu.

5. Living alone

The mission to “connect men” does not allow the nuns to maintain a long-term relationship. So it is not surprising that nuns are often celibate.

Why are straight men afraid of prostitutes?

If you know what fufufu’s greatest passion is, you will understand why men are afraid of fufu. In the world of fufufu, her greatest passion is to be molded and to see boys fascinated. They can spend hours reading stories, watching movies, daydreaming about male-male relationships that they find “attractive”, “admirable”… Hence, these girls consider the “bending” straight as the last task.
Why are straight men afraid of women?Noodles turn straight into curved But my friend, what straight guy likes to be “curved”? Guys will be super sensitive when it comes to delivery with another man. So they will do their best to stay away from fufufu to avoid getting stuffed with distorted thoughts. In addition, in terms of appearance, the personality is no different from ordinary women, some glasses even have a very slender body. They are still passionately in love, still jealous, still like to “sweat” on their friends, but are very secretive about spouses. Therefore, it is difficult for you to realize that you are in love with a nun. Even more dangerously, many people also participate in fufu groups from which they bring together their current lovers while enjoying the feeling of forming a male-male couple.

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Top 20 manga for fufufu

Here are 20 fufufu comics so you can enjoy living with your passion:

  1. He calls me Black Lotus (Author: Bac Tuy Thap Ngu)
  2. General Manager, everyone’s running away again (Author: Allie Mae)
  3. Similar to gypsies (Author: Thau Thau Ta Van)
  4. As of today, I’m Omega (Author: Maiki Sachi)
  5. Noruka soruka (Author: Hashimoto Aoi)
  6. Kafuka Koufukuron (Author: Haruichi)
  7. I guess the system likes me (Author: Luc Quach Vuong Trieu)
  8. replacement relationship (Author: Ham Ngu Dai Tay Qua)
  9. China stamp (Author: update)
  10. kuro x koi (Author: Takagi Ryou)
  11. Hinekure Sakura ni Koi ga Saku (Author: Nobana Saori)
  12. Natsu ni Mebuku wa Koi no Oto (Author: Shiina Maumi)
  13. innocent bird (Author: KISARAGI Hirotaka)
  14. upper hidden (Author: Sai Ke Dan)
  15. my starry sky (Author: Confeito Planet)
  16. baseless conspiracy (Author: Tram Huong)
  17. applications for divorce (Author: Van Gian)
  18. Master, don’t come here (Author: Black Miao Wu Mien)
  19. The story of you and me (Author: WangCaiDeJu)
  20. Male gods are a pair (Author: Fangzixi)

Although most fufufu are cute, pretty and worth getting to know, a different mindset makes them “scary” in the eyes of men.
Hopefully, through this Innnewyorkcity VN article, you have understood what “cigarettes” are and how to use them.

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