what is a good girl How do you become a good girl with a breakthrough?

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Good girl or bad girl are no longer unfamiliar terms for many of us. However, many young people today are still confused when defining themselves as a good girl or personality. Let us learn more about this Innnewyorkcity VN issue in the following article.

what is a good girl

Good girl is the way of saying good, gentle and kind girls in English.

Referring to good girls refers to girls who are graceful, always gentle and polite to everyone. In these girls, they all exude purity, standards, and a “good girl” routine.

What are the signs of a good girl?

So that you can easily recognize good girls, the article suggests typical signs. Try to recommend and rate yourself or your friends if they are good girls.

Always be polite in communicating with those around you

These girls always greet others politely, especially around elders. They always behave very politely, listen and do not interrupt others. In addition, in communication they always think of others, behave correctly, so as not to offend others. They also rarely criticize or make negative comments about others.

Don’t cross the line

Bad girls often never know the limit, good girls are very different. You always have clear boundaries and will of course never cross them.
What are the signs of a good girl?
For example, a good girl’s limit is:

  • Always get to school, work, and home on time.
  • Do not dye your hair brightly and do not wear clothes that are too revealing.
  • Rarely change your habits.
  • Always kind and dignified, does not like conflicts, contradictions, quarrels.
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Wealthy girls often rarely change their style. They are only loyal to 1 hairstyle or 1 style of clothing. Their habits or personal preferences always remain the same.

Fear of the judgment of others

Good girls are often afraid of the judgment of others. Therefore, if your actions and words can damage your image in the eyes of others, don’t do it. For example, you may receive:

  • They rarely go out late.
  • Don’t mess around or let bad boys call you bae, baby.
  • Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke.
  • Never go to bars or places that are considered unhealthy.
  • Don’t dress revealingly.
  • How to help good girls become perfect?

Good girls are easily hurt by others because they often think of others before they think of themselves. This is a point that can be considered a weakness that gives girls a headache.
How to help good girls become perfect?
So how do you help good girls become perfect? Check out the following methods:

  • If you have a wish that you think you deserve, say yes and ask for it.
  • If it’s wrong or you don’t feel right, say NO.
  • It is necessary to speak out to protect yourself at the right time and place.
  • Stand firm when you believe in the right thing yourself.
  • If changing your appearance, hobbies, or habits makes you feel better, make a bold change.
  • Love and take care of yourself more.

For girls who haven’t defined themselves yet and are wondering whether to become a bad girl or a good girl, here are some secrets for you to choose from:

  • Bad Girl Personality, Confidence, Openness, Independence. And good girls are dignified, gentle and think of others. Who becomes who must therefore be considered according to one’s circumstances and preferences. No matter what type of girl you are, there will be flaws and flaws in order to be perfect.
  • It doesn’t matter who you want to be, but always be an interesting, positive, and kind person to everyone around you.
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Hopefully, by sharing the article about good girls and how to be a perfect girl, you were able to understand this term better. It doesn’t matter if you are a good girl or a bad girl as long as you are always honest and kind to everyone.

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