What is a love seat? Instructions on how to use the love chair correctly

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The love chair is probably one of the essential chairs in hotels today with the function of helping couples take the minute of love to a new sense of grandeur. TinhhayVIP.com will show you how to use it properly and effectively.

What is a love seat?

The love seat is a sofa with a special shape with unique curves to support the love making process of couples. This gives a sense of satisfaction, sublimation without too much effort to operate. This type of chair is also known as a tantra chair, love seat.

Instructions on how to use the love chair

Although the love chair is not too unfamiliar in hotels, not everyone knows how to use it. We have many poses to experiment with with this chair, but there are 3 simple yet most effective poses. That is:

Classic attitude

Classic or traditional positions are safe and suitable for foreplay. This position is simple and easy to perform, but the refreshing feeling it brings is truly unmatched by any other sex position. The girl just needs to lie comfortably on the high chair and the guy will hug her from the front. Thanks to this, both of them do not feel tired, but the sisters’ first round, waist and buttocks are still round and attractive.
How To Use The Love Chair - Classic Posture

riding position

For the rider position, the positions of the couples are changed for each other. He will lie comfortably in the chair. The girl will then sit on his lower abdomen and perform a wild swing. With this position, the man’s lower part forms a shape that suits her 3rd round, which helps to increase the feeling of pleasure during sex.
Instructions for using the love chair - horse pose

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doggy attitude

In this position, she lies down and can lie on the high or low part of the chair, depending on the couple’s inspiration. At that time, the new guy made the “boy” slightly penetrate the “girl” deeply from behind. The Little Girl Support Chair slides out to increase friction and increase pleasure for both him and her.
Instructions on how to use the love chair - doggy pose

Why do you need a loveseat?

Lovers armchairs are quite expensive and many people are often shy, so few people equip this type of chair at home. However, if you have the requisites, this really is a product not to be ignored. With the support of the chair you will experience sublime, new and unique moments during sex. Also, the couple’s bedroom will be more lively and warm when decorated with this kind of chair. And according to statistics, couples with tantra chairs have more sex, reach orgasm more easily and are therefore happier in their love life.
Why do you need a loveseat?
For couples who like to swing, placing this chair in a private bedroom or hotel room is also a plus to increase sex space.

Answers to frequently asked questions when buying a love chair

Here are some frequently asked questions for those wanting to do some research on loveseat before making a purchase.

Should middle-aged people use chairs?

Many people often think that this type of chair is only for young couples, but middle-aged couples should not be ignored. Bringing a new feeling, the two will relive the joyful and passionate days of youth they thought had fallen asleep.

What is the meaning of the two-seater?

The chair not only helps us to have a new and unique experience in sex, but also a proof of each other’s love. Only couples who truly love each other spend big bucks to help each other have lofty moments.

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How to decide to buy a tantra chair?

  • Choose a chair with quality workmanship, soft, smooth for comfort and high durability.
  • The seat must be firm to avoid unnecessary incidents.
  • The chair must be heavy enough to prevent it from moving and affecting the lovemaking experience.
  • Leather upholstery requires high quality, good abrasion resistance and easy cleaning to ensure aesthetics.

How to decide to buy a tantra chair?
The loveseat is really one of the great products that bring us new moments of pleasure. Hopefully this article will help you know how to use good, more comfortable chairs to develop feelings for each other.

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