What is a swing? Disclosure of “deviant” pleasures in society

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In recent years, the casual sex lifestyle has quickly invaded Vietnam. Many people have reacted positively to it and have been very enthusiastic about it. However, some argue that this debauchery goes against social morality.

What is the Swing Response?

Swing /ˈswɪŋ/ means movement or action, dance rhythm in English; In addition, swinging in romantic relationships is the way two couples exchange partners to seek new experiences for their sex life.
What is a swing? Swapping wives and partners? This is slang for the name of a group or association that has a sick game. When accepted into the group, the members are referred to as swingers. Simply put, all members have the right to change spouses temporarily. They have an implicit contract and are comfortable with other members’ wives. The purpose of this group is to address the needs of couples who are weary of each other. They don’t want a divorce because it saves face, affects their children, or for personal reasons. Participation in this group means that members agree to an implied contract. Men who willingly “give themselves” to their wives or carelessly set up tents for other people’s wives.

Origins of the Swing Movement

What is a swing group?The Origin of the Swinging Festival The women’s change movement originated in Western countries and was then introduced to Vietnam. Some reliable sources said that Ho Chi Minh City is the starting point of these groups. Later they appeared in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong… and some neighboring towns. The changing group often chooses a private place to meet, and the date time is not set.

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Criteria for Accepting Swinger Members

Is the social swing trend? "encourage something bad"?  - Criteria for the admission of membersRegistration Criteria for Swing Membership In order to officially apply for a partner exchange, you must meet certain criteria. The organization elects the leader and meets regularly with the members to guide them. as follows:

  • Adult and Married Man/Woman.
  • For an offline appointment, all members must bring their spouse.
  • No need to provide identity, accurate information. Additionally, individuals do not need to exchange contacts or phone numbers. After the fun is over, all members go back to their normal lives.
  • In the “wife swap” the members must not interfere in their partner’s fun under any circumstances. The group that forbids jealousy leads to undesirable events. Swingers are not allowed to take photos, videos or audio recordings during the operation.

Social perception of the swing society

The group “Change women for wives” works voluntarily both mentally and physically for its members. Therefore, the contract between them is very simple and has no strings attached.
Is the social swing trend? "encourage something bad"?How does society view this change? According to some people with a liberal lifestyle in society, this form is very good. It satisfies material needs, fills emotional gaps. After each connection with a strange partner, they will feel a new married life that limits adultery. However, some people believe that the way this group works is not in accordance with the good customs and traditions of the Vietnamese people. It was even harshly condemned for damaging the relationship between a man and a woman. Therefore, this group is not publicly accessible.
With the above information, we hope you have a basic understanding of swings. Do you personally agree with this group? Please share with Innnewyorkcity VN!

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