What is AFK? How is AFK penalized in-game?

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AFK is almost no longer a foreign word to most of the online gaming community. But for beginners, this will be an interesting expression, since it is widely used in everyday games.

What is AFK?

AFK stands for Away From Keyboard, which refers to the fact that you or someone else left the computer while playing an online game. This action is also referred to as “hanging up” by Vietnamese players.
The term came out of chat rooms in the 1990s and has since become a word commonly used by gamers. Also, the term is not only used in games, but also when many people are doing the same work online.

What causes AFK?

It is quite normal for a person to be forced out of the machine while playing a game and there are many reasons behind this situation.

  • Bored and frustrated at not being able to win the game, they decided to give up the key.
  • There are some urgent problems that force you to leave the computer.
  • Messages with others while playing.
  • Play games while reading manga or watching movies.
  • Basic needs such as going to the toilet, eating etc.
  • In addition, there are other causes like loss of connection, network connection problems, machine crashes, freezing, etc.
  • Of course, there are some instances where parents gank and players are forced to get up and leave without even greeting their teammates.

What damage does AFK cause?

When you leave the computer, all of your teammates are still working and all of your teammates are still in the game. So the lack of members can have many negative effects.

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Bad for teamwork

The lack of people will disrupt communication between members, especially if the AFK person is a key figure with decision-making power or is related to other members.
What damage does AFK cause?So if a decision isn’t made or an option isn’t completed, the rest of the group certainly doesn’t know what to do next and falls into a passive position and watches. In general, the work progress is delayed.

Negative impact on game results

Online games often have many participants in a team. In order to complete challenges or defeat opponents, you must coordinate with other players in each game.
Negative impact on game resultsAs a team game, it is almost impossible for one person to balance the entire team. Therefore, each member takes on a different role, bringing different benefits to the squad, the new strategy has no hope of victory. However, when a person AFK downsizing the roster, tactics suffer and most cases are killed in inhibition. Especially in close match matches, the remaining players will be very upset if they lose the match just because they play without people. As a result, players hate people who hang up and are willing to report if someone engages in AFK behavior.

Penalty for AFK. behavior

When it comes to highly competitive eSports games, AFK is almost an unacceptable action and makes the game lose its fairness and drama. Publishers also always impose harsh penalties on AFKers. All of these steps are intended to deter players and limit intentional behavior that disrupts the game.

Penalty in Dota 2

Famous as a game with a quality community, but no less “toxic”, it’s almost normal for someone to do AFK in Dota 2. Just a random word or handling phase. If you’re not careful, you can end up in a 4v5 position at any time.
Penalties for AFK behavior in Dota 2So in Dota 2 there is a penalty called Low Priority for those who intentionally hang up to disrupt the game, swearing often and exhibiting many negative behaviors. Clinging to low priority is like being deprived of all “civil rights in society,” such as:

  • Matchmaking time is longer.
  • I need to play games with other low priority people and meet people more toxic than you.
  • Must play single draft mode within 3-5 games (only allows to choose 1 of 3 random heroes).
  • There is no drop bonus after the game ends.
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Penalty in League of Legends

Things seem a lot easier in League of Legends for those who like to DJ. However, it seems that Riot Game was kinder than Valve, even sending out a warning letter to players to give them a chance to correct their mistakes.
Penalty in League of LegendsIf the prisoner remains unconscious, they will be placed in a queue. In this queue, the violator will take longer to matchmaking, and this number will gradually increase as long as you have evidence. Of course, the situation of hanging up and going somewhere is still very common in League of Legends. Perhaps Riot’s punishment still isn’t as strong as many people think.

Penalties in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

It can be said that the shutdown in PUBG doesn’t have too much of an impact compared to other games because the number of people in a team is not a requirement to win in this survival game. However, the shutdown also has certain negative effects. Because of this, the publisher of PUBG has decided to impose a temporary account ban penalty for those who hang up frequently. This means you won’t be able to play the game for a few days or weeks. It’s fair to say that PUBG’s approach to AFK-er cases is pretty strong.
Above is all the information about AFK that Innnewyorkcity VN has compiled for readers. From this perspective, you will understand why the crash happened and how it harmed the players. Whatever you do, don’t be an AFKer!

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