What is Amazing Good Job or Uh May Zing Gout Top?

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Amazing Good Job quickly became a trend after the first season of Rap Viet aired. This phrase was quickly “scanned” on all social networking platforms.

What is great good work?

Amazing Good Job translates to “well done, very wonderful”. However, this expression was not widely used by young people until the first season of Rap Viet, organized by Ho Chi Minh City TV station and the Vie Channel company.

In particular, BinZ has repeatedly used the phrase “Amazing Good Job em” to praise contestants’ talents.
Trend Amazing good work comes out of Vietnamese rap program
Along with the extreme poignancy and prevalence of the first season of the Vietnamese rap program, Binz’s sayings also quickly became a hot trend, with netizens imitating them or making memes of them.

How to use the word Amazing Good Job

Just like other social media trends, only use the word Amazing Good Job with your friends or relatives, not with relationships that are not close enough or with serious cases, to avoid trouble. unnecessary misunderstandings.
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