What is an FPS game, a first person game? Top 5 good fps games

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In recent years, the explosion of first-person games has made FPS games one of the most popular game genres, continuously appearing in the list of the best esports titles in the world.

What is an FPS game? What is a first person game?

A first-person game, or FPS game, is a game genre that allows the player to experience everything in the game through the character’s direct perspective. Simply put, the player sees everything through the character’s eyes.

This type of FPS game limits how you can see the face or body of the character you control. And usually you only see the two hands and weapons of the character. FPS is widely used in role-playing games, especially first-person shooters. For developers, first-person games are a great option to save time and money on game production. Because FPS games don’t require them to render or set up complex animations for the character. In addition, the first-person perspective also helps players role-play better during the experience.

Are there disadvantages in FPS games?

Of course it does, as many gamers get dizzy when playing first-person games, especially those with intricate, detailed graphics. Constantly turning the screen to watch also tires players’ eyes and can’t sit for a long time to enjoy the game.

Top 5 new and good FPS games

CS:GO – FPS dominates the first-person genre

Reference to FPS games refers to shooter games and reference to shooter games refers to CS:GO.
Top 5 new and good FPS games
As the most updated version of the legendary Counter-Strike series, CS:GO is currently one of the best esports titles in the world. And if you need ranking, CS:GO is always the name that appears in the top 3 best esports games. Beautiful graphics, realistic sound and gameplay have become the standard of today’s shooters, it will be difficult for any candidate to usurp the throne of CS:GO in the FPS village. CS:GO is easy to play but difficult to master as this game requires a lot of personal skill, strategy, calculation and teamwork. Becoming a complete master in CS:GO has never been easy for many gamers.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

FPS is a mode that appeared quite late in PUBG, not even the most popular mode but it is the mode that many professional gamers love the most.
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) - The turning point creator for the first person shooter series, the survival game
Due to the acceptance of many veteran players, first-person mode in PUBG became a measure of distance and personal skill. The first-person mode not only makes the game more realistic, but also fairer than the third-person perspective. For a survival shooter like PUBG, this factor is extremely important. Meaning. Obviously, in a shootout where everyone wants to be the last standing, a small advantage will make a big difference in the decisive confrontation.

Valorant – Riot’s first-person FPS game

As a new super first-person game released by Riot, Valorant has emerged as one of the most attractive shooter games in recent times. Valorant is considered by many to be a hybrid product between CS:GO and Overwatch. This is of course not satire, but a compliment.
Valorant - Riot's newly released first-person game
This first-person shooter is the perfect blend of classic CS:GO gameplay and Overwatch’s skill system. Thanks to the above points, Valorant is not just a simple shooter, players must choose a character with the right skills to support teammates and defeat opponents. It can be said that Valorant’s gameplay is a new step in the genre of first-person games.

top legend

If Valorant is a combination of CS:GO and Overwatch, there is another hybrid game that is as good as Apex Legends. “Excellent” still isn’t enough to comment on Apex Legends. It has to be said that this is one of the best first person games with many elements and experiences beyond what you can imagine.
top legend
Apex Legends features unique gameplay that blends PUBG’s battle royale elements and Overwatch’s unique skill system. Most importantly, the rhythm in each Apex Legends match is fast but easy to catch up to, allowing players to quickly get used to it even if they’re playing the game for the first time. The impressive point of this super product is the extremely detailed graphics, the unique cyberpunk-inspired character creation and above all the extremely interesting weapon and skill system. This game requires a lot of time if you want to become a “master” of a weapon or a specific character. You might think that play once is addictive, but that saying doesn’t apply to Apex Legends!

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Call of Duty: Modern War

Another battle royale game on the list of the best first-person FPS games is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Call of Duty: Modern War
Free to play, the graphics are superior to all competitors of the same genre, which guarantees the Call of Duty name. These three factors make this version of Modern Warfare successful. When you enter the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you are given an extremely complex campaign and you get to choose really excellent players to fight with. The extreme game feel, the map with many things to explore, the exciting up to the minute gameplay will make you hold on to your chair when you enjoy this game.
With 5 good FPS games, top first person games above, Innnewyorkcity VN.com hopes players will have moments of great experience through thrilling firefights.

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