What is Bach Hop that makes fans “dead tired”?

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If you are a lover of the Chinese language, then lily is a term you will no longer be unfamiliar with. However, those who don’t love the sentimental genre will think that this is simply the name of a flower.

What is Bach hop?

Bach Hop is a Chinese word for a film or novel genre that exploits same-sex love between two women. This can also be understood in contrast to “passionate” (about man-man love).

In fact, this beautiful name was originally used to refer to a flower commonly known by many different names such as lilies, lilies. This genre is very popular in China and spreading to other countries like Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, etc. This is a theme that not only hits the trend, but also attracts a large number of viewers. young.

What is Contribution in the Compilation?

As explained above “What is Polygamy”, the manga or series revolves around a lesbian couple and is referred to as public and concubine. In it we have:

  • Cong: The person who plays the role of “husband” with a strong, determined personality, able to shoulder everything big and small in the house.
  • Do: The person who plays the wife has a weaker and more fragile character.

What is Contribution in the Compilation?

Some related terms

If you already understand “what Fusion is” and “what advertising is,” here are some other terms a true fan needs to know.

  • Literary Fans: Refers to people who enjoy reading stories and watching films on multicultural themes. Also, they are also known as “hu nu”, but in Vietnam hu nu is often used to refer to more passionate fans.
  • GL (Girls Love): Love between girls.
  • Cong (Seme/Top): The person “climbing up” plays the male role and takes the initiative.
  • Do (Uke/bot): The person “below” plays the female role and is in a passive position.
  • Cuong: An adjective used to describe a strong appearance and personality.
  • Weaknesses: Contrasted with strong, used to denote weaknesses in both appearance and personality.
  • America: Depiction of Beauty and Charm.
  • Ox/Xu: Describes people who have a beautiful soul but are not attractive on the outside.
  • Fox: Contrasted with ox/coin and is a person who, although beautiful, has an evil soul. Usually the 13th sign of the zodiac.
  • Hegemony: Personality comes with power, always wants others to do what pleases him.
  • Empress: In the position of Thu, she is very lovingly spoiled by Cong, has a somewhat arrogant personality, but has a very flexible tongue and can speak.
  • Gentle: They are gentle people, easily bullied but not ‘dumb’ but willingly bullied.
  • Phuc Ha: A crook who always thinks only of his own interests.
  • Tee: A vile, vile person who only does evil, lowly.
  • Holy Mother: An extremely kind and gentle person who can be considered divine.
  • Trung Hound: “central hound” shows loyalty but some defiance.
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Some related terms
In terms of gender, the girls on the show are usually lesbian or just plain horny. While lesbians are fairly familiar, gei seems like a relatively new word. So what is it? This is a word for girls who are attracted to women but still like men of the male sex. Since the characters in the story have their own gender and complex emotions, this type of story attracts not only LGBT readers but also regular girls.

What genres are there?

Not just the concept of “what is an encyclopedia”, but we also have many different types of encyclopedias, such as:

Opposite Bach

It is the love between two cypresses that turns into hate, ready to mistreat each other and cause much suffering. Again, we have 2 types: Reverse Body (physical pain) and Mind Reverse (mental pain).


ER also means happy end, which is interpreted as a happy ending. Just hearing the name is enough to know that no matter what happens in the story, the two will return to the same house and live happily together. Besides, we also have concepts like: OE (open ending – open ending), SE (sad ending – sad ending).

Bach Ho Chi Minh

This is the genre where couples will love, care and be happy together no matter what. This genre is very popular with fans due to the passionate love the two have for each other throughout the story.
What genres are there?

white contract

This genre is quite strange and very popular these days. This love story is based on another story or movie where the main character is someone from the current world and lives in the story under the guise of another character. This has resulted in the original storyline being altered to create many new episodes.

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heterozygous combination

The Super Powers series is a story in which the characters have special abilities such as: reading minds, flying, transforming, walking through walls, etc.

ABO Complex literature

This is a general story set in the A – B – O future, stating different types of people in society in which:

  • B – Beta: Occupies the majority of humanity (around 80%), is not affected by ‘Traction’ and has the ability to reproduce, but at a low rate and dies easily.
  • A – Alpha: “Big” (makes 15%) is a person of social status, strength, intelligence, and demeanor as a husband, but heavily influenced by Omega.
  • O – Omega: “The Entire Tree” (5% percentage) is weak, fragile, weak, and in need of protection.

Here’s what you need to know to answer “What is complex” and related terms in the same category. We hope the above article can help you learn more about this popular genre of novels and movies.

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