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Sex today is not just a traditional relationship. In which BJ is also an indispensable skill, so what is BJ? Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity VN in the content below.

What does BJ mean?

In some massage industry slang terms, BJ is an acronym for Blow Job. It means oral sex with the penis. The woman will use her mouth to stimulate the penis to sublimate her partner and make him happiest.

The trumpet profession also has many other names like trumpet, buscu, dong. This is a popular type of oral sex among young people, especially men, and almost no one is unfamiliar with it. Specifically, this method consists of the partner using parts of the mouth such as the tongue, lips, saliva, and teeth to stimulate the other’s penis, thereby arousing the partner. Mastering this method will make it easier to sublimate love, keep the fire alive and strengthen the connection for couples.

What are the benefits of BJ?

Increase intimacy for couples

For many couples, blowing the trumpet for their boyfriend is a way of showing affection and respect for their partner. Most men like being BJ and CIA on women. This gives men a sense of respect, contentment, even a sense of dominance. Since then, the relationship has grown stronger.
What are the benefits of BJ?
In addition, BJ also helps to renew love compared to normal relationships for couples. Make love more interesting.

Easier to get upstairs and help you sleep better

For many couples, blowing the trumpet is an integral part of foreplay. This will increase arousal for both of you and make it easier for both of you to climax. Inserting the penis into the mouth can also release oxytocin during orgasm. This is a happy hormone that directly influences the brain to relax effectively. In addition, oral sex also helps you sleep better.

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What are some frequently asked questions about BJ?

Here are some questions that many young inexperienced people often ask about BJ.

Does Buscu pose a disease risk?

While there are many benefits, blowing the trumpet can also do some serious damage if you get it wrong. Some diseases may include:

  • Risk of throat cancer.
  • Risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Can trumpets get pregnant?

Oral sex does not cause pregnancy. Many couples who want to plan try to have oral sex to avoid getting pregnant. In order to get pregnant, sperm must travel through the vagina to the fallopian tubes in order to get pregnant. If you go through the mouth, the sperm can only go to the stomach.

Do men like BJs?

According to statistics, 99% of men like BJ and when combined with HJ (Hand Job) they will like it even more. However, most women do not like it because it is quite unsanitary.

How do you get him up when vacuuming?

Through the above analysis, you must have understood what BJ is? Blow job is a technique to keep the fire in a marriage, love is very important. If you know how and with good technique, you can take over a man’s entire body and make him miss you completely. Here are the steps to perform BJ:

Step 1: Prepare

How do you get him up when vacuuming?
Before starting the performance, you need to clean the “boy’s” teeth. This will help both of you feel more comfortable without feeling uncomfortable. In addition, you should choose sexy clothes that stimulate his senses to increase arousal. Wet your tongue before BJ because men like soft lips, warm and wet mouth. Always keep your tongue wet to avoid penile pain.

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Step 2: Foreplay

Men often like proactive women. So you have to kiss his lips and at the same time you can use your hands to stimulate the “little guy” and then move on to kissing his ears and neck. Even more passionately, you can use your tongue to stimulate his chest. This foreplay lasts about 5 minutes.

Step 3: pet the little boy

To achieve sublimation it is necessary to stimulate the penis with your hands before oral sex, so use your fingers to gently caress the penis and then gradually increase the speed over time.

Step 4: What poses to use in BJ?

What poses to use in BJ?
Let him lie comfortably on the bed, spread his legs comfortably, or you can have him sit on the sofa for an easy repositioning. Then kneel down and slowly perform blow job movements. Some poses you can refer to are as follows:

  • Posture 69.
  • She knelt down, he sat down on the chair.
  • He knelt face down, she lay comfortably on her back.
  • He’s on his back, she’s face down between her legs and BJ.
  • He knelt face down, from above. She was lying on her back on the bed.

Step 5: What is the technique to apply more BJ?

You should use the following techniques simultaneously:

  • suction cup and buttons.
  • Licking Technique: Lick the length of the penis from top to bottom with the whole tongue.
  • Clamping technique: clamp close to the tip of the penis so that the uvula encloses the entire length of the penis. Don’t use your teeth to avoid touching the penis to make it lose interest.
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Hopefully by sharing the article you have understood what BJ is, the fastest ways to get him to the top. Practice regularly to master and increase love lust for both of you!

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