What is CIA? Is the CIA safe? What is interesting about the CIA massage?

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What is CIA? This is a question that I’m sure every young person will ask if there’s too much discussion about it online. Be ready to join Innnewyorkcity VN to open a new horizon of happiness for you.

What does the CIA represent?

CIA stands for “Cum In Alo”, a term from the massage industry and means “ejaculate in the partner’s mouth”. We can also understand that this step will be the step that takes place after performing BJ (blow job – oral relationship).

However, on rare occasions we also see CIA being performed on sex through “official” sex. This action begins when men are about to “get off”, quickly pull them out of the “girl” and put them in their partner’s mouth.

Is the CIA really safe? What do men like at the CIA?

If you are someone who has learned about male physiology or read many books about sex, you will understand that men always love oral sex. If you ask a man what CIA is in his sex life. Many people will be happy to tell you how great it is. CIA brings a new unique flight experience. Some people say there is a feeling of being loved. Others even say it gives them a sense of submission. However, the number of women who dare and accept swallowing men’s semen is extremely rare. That’s why they will fall in love with that girl the most, whether it’s a boy, a good boy, a bad girl or a fuckboy, when they see a girl willing to give her “allo”.
Is the CIA really safe?  What do men like at the CIA?
Some women find this pretty gross and sometimes dirty, but many men see it as trust in their partner. So what are the pros and cons of the CIA? And whether women should feel comfortable in that regard.

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What are the advantages of the CIA?

  • Sperm contains many nutrients (vitamins C, D, E, K, … protein) and, most importantly, anti-aging substances that help improve the skin.
  • CIA also helps men sublimate and relieve stress and depression.
  • Sperm also works very well in reducing the risk of breast cancer, preeclampsia during pregnancy and reducing morning sickness, very good for pregnant women.
  • Especially for women suffering from insomnia, CIA becomes an almost perfect therapy.

What is the harm of the CIA?

  • If the mouth, tongue and throat are scratched, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and swallowing semen is quite high.
  • Many people often feel bloated and nauseous when swallowing semen, which negatively impacts sex.

What is CIA massage?

Everyone must have understood what CIA is by now, right? But what is CIA massage? As mentioned above, this is the term used in the massage industry, so more than anywhere else, massage establishments are where the CIA is most involved. If not all sexual partners do CIA with boys, then girls here are willing to do this act when they go to massage places. All with the aim of giving men a new and satisfying feeling.
What is CIA massage?
In addition, most massage areas do not allow for a staff-customer relationship. Therefore, CIA is also a way to attract and satisfy customers without crossing legal boundaries.

Can the CIA get pregnant?

With many innocent, pure girls, this is definitely the question you will come across when you ask them about the CIA. And indeed, the answer would be no, no, and no. While pregnancy requires sperm to travel through the vagina to the ovaries, CIA requires sperm to travel through the mouth and into the stomach. Here, due to the action of digestive juices, all sperm is digested.
Can the CIA get pregnant?
And if 1 in 1 billion has undigested sperm in their stomach, their exit will be in the anus instead of the vagina. Therefore get pregnant when CIA is almost 0%! This is also the reason why the CIA is so famous in 419 relations. For those who don’t know what 419 is, this is a pun on the word one-night, meaning one-night stand. For his spontaneous pleasure, CIA proves to be a fairly safe alternative to penetrate your partner.
Above is the article that answered for you what is CIA, what is CIA massage, its pros and cons. Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of this type of relationship and has helped make your relationship new and more interesting.

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