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Coffee has become an integral part of social networks and is welcomed by many people. Not just a smart way to talk, but this trend has now become one of the leading humorous elements in the Internet’s verbiage.

what is coffee

Coffee is a hot trend on social networks, this word is understood with 2 meanings: intentionally causing trouble and interfering in other people’s affairs.

However, the meaning of this word is a bit looser now, with many people using it to add fun to conversations between friends and relatives, thereby eliciting laughter rather than hysteria.

Is coffee fun?

Depending on how each person uses it, the happy, sad, and angry nature will change differently. So, to have fun, use them at the right time, with the right audience, and in the right mood. For example statuses used to tease friends for example kaki nyc (ex lover)…

  • When you break up, always say good things about your ex. But when they’re that bad, you don’t have to say anything.
  • Thank you for loving me before. And I’ll thank you even more for not loving me anymore.

Should I be mad or not?

If you’re serious, it might not be for you. However, if you want to be less pale then this is definitely what you need now.

What kind of cafe is right and fun?

Of course, to annoy or annoy someone, we need clear lessons, as well as pocket-sized “sample” essays when needed. But in the end, a sample text is just a sample text, it needs your variation to suit the situation and make the joke more fluent. A lot of people often think that a lot of coffee is fun, but being happy and having a predestined relationship is actually not easy. Every person has a recognition criteria, so what you find happy may be ungrateful to others. So you have to be careful to have fun in the right place at the right time.
What kind of cafe is right and fun?
Like previous trends, making confessions or making memes is fun, but if deployed at the wrong time, it will backfire. Also, we shouldn’t touch on some topics like appearance, dress style, voice, family of others. The right conversation is also key to gaining your sympathy. Funny stories should not be repeated too often. Knowing when to stop when things are at their peak helps maintain a good relationship with everyone around them. Because excesses also harbor a great danger for you just because of a few jokes.

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Fake teasing on Facebook can put your safety at risk

If you think teasing all the time is fun, you really need to reconsider. Because in early 2021, a murder happened just because of a few jokes on Facebook.
Fake teasing on Facebook can put your safety at risk
In particular, two groups of young people in Vinh Long had conflicts with each other that only consisted of a 15-second video. The story begins as simple as ordinary young people’s online debates. One commented sarcastically, the other replied, and the debate split into two camps. Both sides are constantly talking back and forth, culminating in a meeting to “pay” each other in real life. As a result, the young man, born in 1991, died, the perpetrator was arrested and investigated for “murder”. Also, we’re certainly no strangers to the story of the “network gang” Phu Le with a few jokes on Facebook. These are just two of the countless stories that shouldn’t have happened simply because the wrong word was used at the wrong time.
Here’s what you need to know about coffee. Hopefully this article will help you understand how to properly use funny jokes in your daily life or on social networks. And of course, if you find the article useful, don’t forget to check out other useful articles on Innnewyorkcity VN.com!

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