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“He looks so cool, so cool”, “I wish I was as stylish as him”… Surely in your life you have met men or women with such an impressive fashion sense. .

What does cool mean?

Cool is an adjective with a positive meaning used to compliment someone who looks very beautiful, very cool, very playful. This word is often used to compliment handsome, gallant, intelligent and equally masculine guys. In addition, he also possesses an extremely attractive fashion sense. The skilful combination of his clothes underlines his own personality.

Also, the online community also combines this word with some auxiliary words such as: cool, hot, hot, VIP professional… Thanks to the development of social networks, this word is used more and more by young people. . Change. Most guys have an impressive style of play that makes it easy to win over women’s hearts. He doesn’t have to invest the time in flirting or flirting that she blames herself for. Additionally, the word cool is also associated with personality tomboys.

The special charm of cool guys

In contrast to elegant and luxurious gentlemen, the cool guy gives women a clear feeling of a somewhat wild guy. Strong, rough, dusty, carefree, thorny, full of masculinity. Those are the adjectives most commonly used to describe these great guys.
The special charm of cool guys
They seduce women with their masculinity at first sight, especially those who love to explore new and foreign. Men bring stories of his adventures, long or arduous journeys. Through his looks, demeanor and words, this bossy man can make the girl speak with confidence as well as love his somewhat adventurous and challenging lifestyle.

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The easiest way to become a cool guy?

In theory, changing to become more impressive isn’t complicated. However, when they get down to reality, most men are very surprised and confused. It might be difficult for him at first. Don’t let this discourage you! When you think about quitting, remember that “failure is the mother of success”. Here’s the secret of a spectacular makeover to become a glaze he can relate to:

Re-slapping handsome style

Guys who haven’t defeated their crush yet should use this method to crush them quickly. Be bold to learn from your friends or join a social media group. From there you will learn many valuable experiences. First, guys should learn how to coordinate stylish fashion. In his wardrobe it is essential with t-shirts, plaid shirts, denim jackets, jeans … Combined with a series of accessories such as fashionable glasses, shoulder bags, backpacks, purses … If you are just too bored curl your hair or slick back to give it personality.
The easiest way to become a cool guy?

Show courage with confidence

Most girl killers think that caring too much about the person you love will only diminish your worth. Instead of watching them every day, pretend to ignore them. At this point, she was disappointed because she was used to feeling spoiled and spoiled. In that moment, she will see your true place and worth. Applying the “cold boy” style is an extremely effective cool guy technique. More precisely, you need to show manly courage in life. When solving a problem must be resolute, without hesitation, without hesitation. It shows that you are the spiritual support for that person.
Hopefully with the above interesting information you will have more useful knowledge. Many guys have boldly changed to become cooler and find their other half. And you? Innnewyorkcity VN wishes you the best of luck and cut off your crush’s heart quickly.

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