What is copy? What to create Nick Facebook Clone for?

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Currently, people like to create a cloned Facebook nick. This article explains to everyone who wants to use nick clones and explains how to create a cloned nick!

What is copy?

Clone is an English word and has many different meanings. According to the dictionary, clone means a copy, and in mathematics and computer science clone means stamp machine, clone machine. In other words, clone is a word used to refer to copies of an object or product, so clone has the features and properties of that object, not 100% like the original.

What is Nick Clone?

Nick clone is understood as a secondary nick, temporary game nick or main Facebook nick. Nick clone on Facebook is an account with profile pictures, information, friends similar to stolen accounts. With a similar profile, scammers will use this account to scam and promote products and services. Also, the clone nick in the game is a clone account, both nicks have the same properties. Simply put, a clone nick is a virtual nick because there is only one person but playing the same role.

What to create a fake Facebook nick for?

In the current era of strong Technology 4.0, people have also started to create more fake Facebook nicks with the following purposes:

Serve for business purposes

Selling through Facebook is one of the hottest selling trends today. The fact that sellers are creating more Facebook clone accounts helps to increase engagement on their sales channels and these are also accounts to promote products and services and to get customers to decide to buy products.
What is copy?

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For more information security

Since the clone nick is updated with basic information, it is not exactly the same as the main nick, so most of the users prefer to use the Facebook clone nick to interact on social networks, especially when they are blocked or get hacked. the main nick to rebuild.

How to create a clone account on Facebook

What is copy?

Create a Facebook account

To create clone account facebook nick you need phone number for verification, email as mailbox.

Pictures for facebook nick

You should choose a male avatar instead of a female avatar, the photo must have the same angle of view for the AI ​​to recognize the face correctly. This way you can limit the case when Facebook asks for photo verification.

Create an interaction for the account

You need to connect with people on Facebook to prove your account is real, for example join 10-20 groups a day, like famous pages, find friends on Facebook or create content for personal accounts.

Tips to avoid being controlled by Facebook clone accounts

There are two ways you can restrict your controlled Facebook account including:

  • Create an account on the computer and then use it continuously on the phone for 7 days. You should use the 3G/4G network.
  • Create and open a Facebook account on your computer.

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