What is crush? How to successfully confess to your crush?

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Today, the word “crush” is very commonly used in everyday teenage speech. However, not everyone understands its true meaning. Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity VN in the content below.

What does heart mean?

Crush means loving or liking someone without the other person knowing or not knowing if the other person will return your feelings or not.

In everyday English communication, this is a word that has many different meanings depending on the context or purpose. However, the only meaning of the phrase used by young people is the meaning in the phrase “keep an eye on someone/someone” which means to like/fall in love with someone. Nowadays, this is also a new word to name the person you have a crush on.

What is the difference between crushand love or like?

Love or Like is one of the most obvious human emotions. One is like, the other is love. As for crush, it shows the level of affection that this person has a great influence on you, sometimes this affection is not reciprocated. This is an expression expressing one-sided love, not just liking or liking.

Who is the teenager’s ‘one-sided love object’?

  • Maybe a close friend.
  • It could be that person’s idol or idols.
  • It is possible to fall in love with someone from the first meeting.

Signs that your crush has feelings for you too

Each of us, when we secretly like someone, always want to know if that person likes us or has put us in a friend zone. You can use the signs below to see if this person has a crush on you.

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He often wants to talk to you

When usually only you talk to them. But one day, that person actively suggested you, actively texted you, and chatted with you. This is a sign that they enjoy being with you.
Signs that your crush has feelings for you too

Say your new things often

If you have a crush who secretly remembers telling you everyday stories, it’s a sign that they have feelings for you, too.

Look at you

If you catch him/her sneaking looks from time to time or get nervous when he looks at you, chances are he/she has a crush on you too!

If someone attributes them to you, shut up

If someone doesn’t like you, they will usually get angry at you. If the person doesn’t feel uncomfortable but just stays silent or smiles when assigned to you, this implicitly shows that they secretly like you too.

Have the same interests as you

If one fine day the person you secretly love and miss suddenly has a hobby that changes like you or takes the initiative to order the food you like, it shows that he is gradually falling in love with you.

Principle of the 100% confession of success

When you’ve had a crush on someone for a long time but don’t dare to admit it. So now you have to be stronger and admit it to them because maybe they like you too and wait for you to admit it.
Principle of the 100% confession of success
However, to make things safer, please master some principles below!

  • Rule 1: Make sure your partner has feelings for you before you confess.
  • Principle 2: It is necessary to show the most sincere feelings to the other party.
  • Rule 3: Prepare mentally for rejection to avoid shock.
  • Principle 4: You need courage to find happiness in your life.
  • Principle 5: If you have the courage to speak up, you may not get an immediate response. Wait for the person to come up with an answer after you’ve thought about it.
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In addition, for a successful confession to your partner, you need to choose the right place, the right time and a bit of luck. Hopefully by sharing the article you understood the meaning of the word crush. Boldly apply the principles to confess to the person you secretly love and miss, keep your happiness!

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