What is cuddle? How do you properly caress for foreplay?

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You must have heard about the importance of stroking in love and helping to sublimate emotions. So how do you get the most sublime “Preludes”?

What is cuddle?

Fondling is the act of caressing, kissing gently, creating a pleasurable sensation to increase stimulation for the partner in love. With communication, this can be understood as the use of words or an affectionate and loving attitude to keep the person next to you interested and content.

Usually, the word cuddle is used for couples who are in love or in a loving marriage. Touching or intimate gestures also nurture and develop your relationship. On the contrary, when there is a lack of physical intimacy and closeness, the relationship is severely compromised.

Where do women like to be petted?

Women caress and cuddle the most on places like back, neck, legs, thighs… Be gentle when cuddling on these areas.

Where do men like to be stimulated?

Men want to be stimulated by women in areas like their back, neck, head, penis, nipples, etc

Foreplay is a must in love

Stroking is an important part of foreplay. Not only does it help increase pleasure and keep love more sublimated. Regardless of gender, caresses are equally pleasant.

For women

Foreplay manipulations that cannot be ignored in love with women
Before you fall in love, you can make movements to caress and cuddle her body. Position the G-spots on your partner’s body to stimulate the right spot and make it easier for the partner to enter. Also, boys can arouse girls’ feelings with sweet words, whispers or “wet” love phrases. Of course, it’s impossible for a man good at sex not to know what Tevez is. It stimulates your partner’s “girl” with your lips, your tongue or your fingers… to help you get aroused. When the girls are ready, the vagina is sufficiently lubricated so that there is no pain during penile penetration and emotional impact during sex is avoided. On the other hand, there are also many girls who love BDSM. So if your lover has M blood type, sometimes gentle caresses aren’t as effective as the rough butt slaps that come with them. Some words threaten punishment.

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For men

Foreplay for men is also very important and not as difficult as we think. Here are some things you can do to make your partner feel better:
The caresses cannot be ignored in love for men

  • Let’s say some “wet” words of love. You can use bathing with him to start stroking to effectively arouse your partner’s desire.
  • Undressing in front of a man is also a way to increase arousal in men.
  • Focus on man’s sensitive areas such as ears, nipples, penis… to pique his interest.
  • Gently massage his shoulders, chest and face to make him as comfortable as possible.
  • Allow yourself to tease him and get him to do the same to you. Use sexy moves to increase his inspiration.
  • There are also some guys who are into oral sex. Stimulating each other with somewhat vulgar, obscene words is therefore also an effective way to arouse lust in foreplay.

Hopefully sharing has helped you understand how to caress and how to caress your partner before love. Don’t forget to follow Innnewyorkcity VN for updates of useful information!

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