What is DPS? Importance of DPS in the game

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What is DPS, surely no one knows this important parameter for longtime gamers, but for newcomers DPS is really quite a vague term when each game genre has its utility. Difference. Let’s find out with Tinhhayvip.com through the following article.

What is DPS?

DPS stands for the English term “Damage Per Second”. This rate is taken as the amount of damage dealt in 1 second. For example, if you deal 3000 damage to an enemy in 10 seconds, the character’s DPS will be 300. This concept is widely used in RPGs, MOBAs and maps like MU, LOL. , Genshin Impact, Taptap Titan, Lien Quan Mobile, etc. In these games, the amount of damage dealt to the enemy is very crucial to your victory. Therefore, it is important to understand what DPS is and how to increase it.
Although important and extremely popular, DPS has many different uses in each game, although its essence remains unchanged. So where is this difference?

What is the difference between the term DPS in each game genre?

Essentially, the word DPS is understood to mean “damage per second,” but DPS is sometimes used to represent a character class in-game.

Where DPS is used for its meaning

In games like League of Legends, Lien Quan Mobile, MU, Taptap Titan, the generals deal damage and the higher the DPS, the more damage it deals. So DSP is used for all champions and refers to the amount of damage dealt per second.
What is the difference between the term DPS in each game genre?

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DSP is used to refer to a character class in the game

However, in card games like Heroes Charge or open-world adventure games with multiple character classes like Genshin Impact, DPS is used to refer to champions that deal big damage.
DSP is used to refer to a character class in the gameThis helps distinguish between champions that deal main damage and champions that are used to support or block. For example, in Genshin Impact, the character who continuously deals massive amounts of damage is referred to as DPS.

Where DPS is calculated as a unit of strength statistics

There is also another exception to the use of DPS stats that applies in clicker games like Taptap Titan. At this point, DPS is the unit of strength for each attack. For example, your DPS is 30,000, now each click on the screen deals 30,000 damage. So even if you attack 5 times in 1 second, the DPS is still only 30,000 instead of 150,000.
Where DPS is calculated as a unit of strength statistics

What does the DPS specification mean?

For those who have played through MOBA games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Lien Quan Mobile or Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, the DPS index is no longer strange. While the game doesn’t have clear stats, with stats like attack, armor penetration, resistance, etc., we can fully calculate how much DPS this champion has. In this way we can assess the strength of the individual as well as the enemy in order to get the best treatment.
What does the DPS specification mean?However, in some other games like Taptap Titan, the DPS index is very clear and is considered as a measure of the character’s strength. Now, in order to increase the character’s strength, we need to upgrade equipment and skills to increase DPS.

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What are the criteria for ranking a DPS character?

Although DPS exploration is applied to all champions, in action games not every character is considered true DPS, but must meet the following factors:

  • Must have a lot of damage: As main damage, owning a large amount of damage is a must.
  • Continuous Damage: As a DPS, the ability to deal continuous damage per second is always one of the most important factors.

Fulfilling these factors can include generals in the role of marksmen in MOBA games or generals capable of dealing heavy damage through normal attacks in Genshin Impact.
What does the DPS specification mean?

What are the subjective factors that affect DPS?

Since each game genre has a different way of playing, strong or weak DPS depends on many factors, such as:

  • Champion quality: Champion quality plays a very important role, pure damage champions often have high attack stats and specialized skills to optimize the damage dealt to the enemy.
  • Equipment: In order to ensure the ability to attack, purchasing and upgrading equipment is very important. The higher the attack value of the equipment, the better the ability to attack passively, the higher the DPS will be.
  • Level: Every time you level up, the character will be strengthened, so the DPS will also be proportional to the level achieved.
  • Upgrade: In addition to the above ways, character upgrade and force breakthrough is also an effective way to increase DPS for the character.

What are the objective factors affecting DPS?

In addition, the DPS depends on many objective factors such as:

  • SUP (Support): Only a support position or character in a faction/team usually protects DPS in the early stages.
  • CC (Crowd Control): The ability to control enemies to stun or slow them down so DPS can do more damage.
  • Farm: Almost all carries need to farm to level up and have money to upgrade gear.
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Surely by now you understand what DPS is, right? As an interesting concept, DPS plays a very important and indispensable role in most of the game genres. Hopefully the knowledge Tinhayvip.com will send you will help make your entertainment experience more wonderful.

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