What is FAP? Why are most of us addicted to “hand cranks”?

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You must have heard the word FAP somewhere but don’t understand the meaning of that word. While this is not a new term for the first generation 9x, it will certainly surprise many young people today if they are caught.

What is FAP?

FAP stands for Forever Alone People and refers to an act of masturbation. This is a word often used by men when it comes to man selfies.

There are many people who think that the word FAP is related to the word “French” in Vietnamese. However, that is a wrong definition or just a humorous way of putting it. The best definition of the word FAP is the sound a man makes while masturbating. There was a time when this phrase became one of the most familiar and widespread concepts. But so far it has been replaced by other names like Crank, Selfie. The number of people learning about FAP is very small, while young people today are only interested in new terms like CIA or SM.

Why we’re addicted to weirdos (addicted to fap)

There are many people who are addicted to hand spinning and want to find a way out of this action. According to many studies, there are two main reasons why we are addicted to masturbation:

We already know the existence of selfies

You might not believe it, but it’s true. Each of us is a blank sheet of paper. All addictions or habits are formed in the course of growing up, this information is stuffed into the subconscious.
Explain why we are addicted to hand cranks
For example, if we don’t know Facebook, Zalo, YouTube at first, if we don’t have an internet connection at home, then we won’t become addicted to social networks at all. And turning the hand too. Once you know about it, it will keep coming back to you and intrigue you. As with a door, once you put one foot in, the other foot will surely pass through the urge of curiosity. Especially once you’ve experienced the joy of spinning your hand (FAP), that euphoric feeling that excites you, you’ll want to experience it more. It often becomes a habit and you become more and more addicted.

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Due to the need to connect

Many studies have shown that crank addicts are often the ones who lack connection to the outside world. They are often lonely and have few friends or feel tired, stressed out at work, become irritable and want to be alone. There are also many people who have mental health issues and lead socially distanced lifestyles. Using selfies as a tool for them to easily and quickly solve their own needs.

How does FAP or Crank affect?

Today there are many groups discussing the topic of FAP and its impact on our lives.

What side effects can a hand crank have?

The harm that comes with hand spinning is countless, some typical examples can be mentioned as follows:

  • Often have problems with hair loss, tend to baldness.
  • The skin of the face gradually deteriorates, more acne may develop.
  • Can affect altitude.
  • It’s easy to lose focus when working or studying.
  • Significant memory loss.
  • Mentally unstable, does not dare difficult work, is afraid.
  • Decreased brain creativity, the mind is not alert and sharp.
  • Can be distracting for women.
  • It’s easy to get problems like back pain.

Damage from twisting hands

So does FAP have any advantages?

Actually yes. There are benefits such as: helps relieve mental stress, can have many new ideas, through experiencing the feeling of going to the top alone. However, the advantages are few and the disadvantages numerous. Therefore, you must consider to avoid addiction.

Should hand cranks be done frequently?

It is absolutely right if we can refrain from this action. Today there is an entire NoFap community dedicated to helping addicts turn their hands. NoFap is also present in Vietnam and helps many people get out of addiction.

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How to get rid of FAP addiction?

In fact, most crank addicts have trouble connecting with those around them and with society. The best way to break this addiction is to stay connected to a healthy community. From there you become busier and gradually move away from the bluffing game. Hopefully by sharing the article you have partially answered your concerns about FAP. Weigh the pros and cons before you do it! And don’t forget to follow Innnewyorkcity VN for more useful information.

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