What is Foodboy? Why should you fall in love with a food boy?

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Food Boy first appeared in the status lines shared on Facebook. Gradually, this phrase spread among young people and gained popularity. So if you love this guy, what’s so special?

What is Foodboy?

Food boy in Vietnamese is a phrase used to refer to guys with “food soul”. It is associated with men who have a special love for food. Foodboy is constantly on the lookout and discovers all the delicious dishes in every nook and cranny. Despite being down a small alleyway, the shop still finds ways to enjoy it to your heart’s content. In addition, he tends to show affection to those around him through food. He passionately contributed information about the course and showed great interest. When he receives compliments and thanks from people, he accepts them with pleasure.
What does food boy mean?

What is Foodboy on Facebook?

Foodboy on Facebook is a popular exchange right now. They are the representatives of delicious food knowledge, virtual images of live food online. Foodboy is also known as a gourmet.

Reasons to love a Foodboy

If she’s too bored with FA life these guys will make a pretty good choice. Surely your love will be filled with beautiful memories and unforgettable dishes.

1. The Food Boy takes you to a delicious restaurant

The guy who loves food always thinks of tasty dishes. Therefore, the guy often takes his beloved to the streets to discover food. Instead of a romantic date at the cinema, in the park like the cool guys usually do, he takes them to a luxurious and the best restaurant. Of course, during this time of love, the two became “masters of the eating system.” Boys’ love of food is always proportional to weight. The deeper the relationship, the better taken care of. So, for the girls complaining about the eternal food, they’re probably missing the “love vitamin” from these dishes, guys.
What's so special about making love with a food boy?The Food Boy takes you to a delicious restaurant

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2. Food Boy will cook you delicious food

When she falls in love with a gluttonous guy, she never has to worry about going hungry. If she doesn’t feel well, doesn’t want to go out, he immediately cooks delicious food to bring home. How happy is the feeling of enjoying a warm bowl of porridge cooked by your lover’s own hands. You will make millions of other girls jealous and admiring because you have your ideal guy. More precisely, he is a talented cook and the ideal husband of many girls. When he enters married life, he will be willing to share with you the difficulties and hardships of household chores. Even on weekends or public holidays, the whole family celebrates a small party together, he easily replaces you in the kitchen.
If you want your husband to be able to cook?Foodboy cooks you delicious food

3. Foodboy conquers your heart with delicious food

Perhaps these boys’ “language of love” is also about food. If he accidentally pisses him off, he quickly buys tasty groceries to make up for it. Surely she could not resist his sincerity and special attention. Its truth is simply that food helps improve mood effectively. So whenever she had a confidant, he would take her out to dinner. Over time with the person she loves, she will have the opportunity to express her sadness. You two will understand and love each other more. This is an extremely important factor in creating a permanently happy foundation for the future.
Falling in love with a culinary guy is exciting and happy, isn’t it? If you already have his heart, keep it to yourself. Innnewyorkcity VN wishes you always happy and full of laughter in your life.

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