What is friend zone? Is it possible to get out of a friend zone relationship?

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Friendzone is quite a popular term on social media and it has become an obsession for many people. What does this term mean? How scary is it that everyone wants to avoid?

What does friend zone mean?

Friendzone is an English phrase meaning “friend zone” that refers to a relationship between friends of the opposite sex where one person wants to turn the relationship into love but the other person only considers the other person as friends. opposite gender. you are no more and no less.

A simpler example can be understood, a man is a girlfriend’s boyfriend, but when he wants to go beyond friendship and admit his feelings, she is considered a good sister/friend. /good brother/good father… These types of relationships are sometimes complicated. On the one hand, they tried their best to confess their feelings and showed their harmony with the desire to become a couple. The other side usually accepts this feeling. In short, once the other person doesn’t want the relationship between the two of you to go beyond the two words “friendship,” you’re stuck in the friend zone.

What are the Signs Your Relationship is Friendzoned?

Many people fall into the friend zone without even knowing it. Let’s find out the following signs to see if you are experiencing this situation!

Setting for replying to messages

This is the easiest way to determine if you qualify as a “good friend.” If the other person has feelings for you, usually when you send a message, you’ll get a reply message right away. If it takes a long time, it only takes 1-2 minutes. If the other party is busy and sees your message, they will reply immediately. If she texts every few hours and then replies once every few hours, it means she/he is not interested in you.
Signs your relationship is in a friend zone
Besides the speed, the SMS setting is also a telltale sign. Many times when you send a long string of messages that tell good stories but only get short replies or an icon in return, worse, people just “see” but don’t respond, you should reconsider.

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I don’t care about looks when I see you

Usually people think that hanging out with friends doesn’t have to be polished. Therefore, you should pay attention to this factor to determine whether you are on their backup list or not. If you meet someone he has feelings for, he will definitely care about his looks, especially clothes to beautify himself. And when you meet someone who he only considers a friend, he won’t pay much attention to the outfit.

naive act

Talking to people you consider normal and talking to people you like are at completely different extremes. You can laugh carefree, be irritated with ordinary friends. But when you meet someone you like, the speech becomes halting, shy, and the image is preserved much better. If the person in front of you is still picking their nose, belching… you’re probably not the one they like!

Tell you about her crush

Nobody talks about their love to the person they like. In this case, about 90% of you are already in the friend zone list. It’s also possible that the other party will probe your attitude, but that’s usually pretty minor.

Is it possible to get out of a friend zone relationship?

If your relationship shows at least 2 of the 4 signs above, it is very likely that your love story is at an impasse. So how do you get out of the friend zone?
Is it possible to get out of a friend zone relationship?
The best way is to try to ignore the person for a while so that their attitude is corrected. If that person keeps texting you or calling you to ask random questions, you might get removed from their “as friends” list!

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Should I be friends with the person I like and confess?

That’s totally wrong. Remember that it’s hard to fall in love once you’re friends. Let’s admit the feelings from the start, if you like, frankly “cut and slash” people. In no case should you become friends and then confess, because your chances will be close to zero. Don’t think of yourself as a foodboy, if she were a foodgirl they would get along. There are still good girls who like bad boys. We can be 100% sure that we are friends but not lovers yet…

If your friendship is going well, should you confess something to someone?

This depends on your wishes. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you were given a confession in your place, how would you feel? Surely the other person will have a hard time avoiding you and that is the end of the friendship. And if you don’t confess, you will be very uncomfortable. However, you should weigh the pros and cons carefully and then decide! Hopefully, by sharing the concept of the friend zone, you will have a better understanding of this concept. Consider whether you and your partner are in this “love of life” relationship to make the best decision for both of you.

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