What is fuckboy? Difference between Good Boy, Bad Boy, Fuck Boy

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The expression fuckboy is not too foreign to many young people today. So what does this sentence mean? Who are they calling? And what’s the difference between a good boy and a bad boy? Find out with Innnewyorkcity VN in the article below!

What is fuckboy?

Fuckboy is a combination of two words fuck and boy. This word is used to refer to men who are unfaithful or promiscuous and only like to sleep with girls. The Vietnamese name that comes closest to this type of person is Boys du or Khanh. Additionally, netizens often use puns to call boys like phuc boy, fackboy, fackboiz, fuckboiz, or gadjt boy.
Unfortunately, these are usually handsome, talented, gallant, and articulate guys. Thanks to their appearance and communication skills, they easily win the hearts of women. However, they do not want a serious love relationship. Instead, they only want to “sleep” with girls. The fuckboys are usually between 17 and 28 years old.

Identification mark for fuckboys

Here are the typical signs that the guy who specializes in seducing girls will possess:

  • Often tries to ask you to send nude photos.
  • Usually move the conversation to 18+ topics.
  • Ask for your chest measurements.
  • Tell your friends not to tell anyone about you two.
  • Fear of dating in crowded places.
  • I don’t want to make the relationship with you public.
  • Always try to.
  • Regularly post photos showing your body and muscles.
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If your friend or date has two of these eight signs, they’re probably a real villain.

Identification mark for fuckboys

Why do girls often fall into the fuckboy’s trap?

Girls often fall in love with a villain for many reasons. But most of them don’t realize that the person they’re flirting with is a real asshole. In fact, no girl wants to meet a gentleman. But why does it always beat girls to pretend to be a boy? Because these guys always know how to attack women’s vulnerabilities. A real Fakeboy always knows how to impress his appearance. If they don’t have a pretty face, they will make up for it with a normal body and impressive style of dress. Of course, a killer girl will always be clean and fragrant when hunting. Fackboiz always knows how to choose fragrances to seduce girls on a date.
Why do girls often fall into the fuckboy's trap?
The second is about speaking skills. Saying that girls love with their ears is not wrong. Not only do bad boys know how to compliment girls properly, they also know how to lead them from one story to the next. You can make girls laugh with your jokes and surprise them with your knowledge. In a word, that’s all the counterfeiter wants, but in communication he always turns out to be an interesting and charismatic person. So if she knew his true nature, she would still be more or less attracted to him.

So should I continue to love fakeboy or not?

Don’t hope for a beautiful love with a gentleman. Don’t expect your stupid tolerance to turn him over.

What to do when you find out your lover is a boy and a girl?

Break up and block all ways for him to contact you. Remember the Fackboys’ manifesto: “We’re not in love here! We just want to hop!”.

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What kind of girl is good enough to have a long term relationship with Fuckboiz?

Fucking girls will be quite suitable for bad boys. Since they have similar lifestyles and thoughts, both of them will have a comfortable, non-committal relationship with each other, so there won’t be many conflicts in their relationship.

What is the difference between Good Boy – Bad Boy – Fuck Boy?

A good boy is a good boy, a good boy. You have a gentle and polite personality. Be nice to girls and be ready to spoil beauties with all your heart. In return, good guys just need their love back. Bad Boy is the opposite version of Good Boy. Is a way to call bad guys with a rebellious and somewhat selfish personality. Bad guys don’t care what other people think and do what they want. It’s this confidence and style that makes many girls feel that bad boys are very manly and attractive.
What is the difference between Good boy - Bad boy - Fuck boy ?If good guys give girls smooth and somewhat boring love affairs, bad guys give girls adventurous and exciting love affairs. In turn, bad guys will often hurt girls because of their difficult nature. Theoretically, it is easy to distinguish these three types of boys. In reality, however, many people easily confuse bad boy with fuckboy. Because you can say that the bad boy is the worse version of the bad boy. Although on the surface the two have a lot in common:

  • They possess a personality and an attractive appearance.
  • Knowing how to psychologically capture, talk and seduce women.
  • Confident and brave when flirting.
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But a bad boy is the kind of guy who has self-respect and is willing to take responsibility for his actions. But Fuckboy clearly shows selfishness, only knows himself and wants to satisfy his partner.

Where’s the end for bad boys who specialize in sluts?

Somehow, the true nature of a bad boy has finally been revealed. It’s just a matter of sooner or later. No matter how good he is, there will be loopholes if he flirts with a lot of girls at once. The most hidden work is just a few meals, half a month. No one can hide their desires for the rest of their life.
Where's the end for bad boys who specialize in sluts?When everything is revealed, the bad guys not only lose their reputation and their honor. Worse, all of his surrounding relationships will be ruined as well. Finding new prey also became difficult as many girls already knew his true nature.
Hopefully the above article has given you a good understanding of fuckboys and how to distinguish different types of boys. I hope you always avoid bad guys to tempt you. See you in the next posts.

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