What is G spot? How to effectively stimulate the G-spot in both men and women

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Finding and stimulating the right G-spot has long been one of the sex masters’ secret tricks. Surely you’ve always wondered why some people make beds so well and others not? The answer lies in finding your partner’s orgasmic point.

What is G spot?

The G-spot, also known as the Grafenberg area, is an extremely sensitive area of ​​the body that helps increase arousal and desire for sex. This position has been around for a long time, and many people believe that continuous stimulation of sensitive areas will induce a more intense orgasm than usual.
These are stimulation points designed to increase sexual pleasure in both men and women. Both men and women have sensitive spots and orgasms can help increase the sensations. However, depending on the person, acne can appear in many different places. Therefore, many people are always looking for those pleasure points to increase sexual pleasure for two. Also, having fun with the support of toys or love seats will help you stimulate the sensitive points more easily and create new sexual experiences.

Where is a woman’s G-spot?

The most well-known female orgasm site is the tissue behind the pubic bone, near the bladder sphincter and around the urethra. You can use your hands to stimulate this area to create arousal by massaging from within.
Where is a woman's G-spot?Stimulating the right “pleasure point” can help women achieve orgasm. One of the factors that helps sublimate your love life is finding the G-spot and stimulating it. So how do you find the pleasure spot for women?

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How to find a woman’s pleasure point

Determining where a woman’s pleasure point is really isn’t easy, but you can still try to find your G-spot by exploring sensitive areas of the body by following these guidelines:

  • Relax and do what makes you feel most comfortable.
  • When you feel really comfortable, start massaging gently at the entrance of the vagina.
  • Lift your finger up a few inches, and then bend your trembling finger toward your navel.
  • Make rhythmic movements of your pinky up and down to find the most pleasurable sensation when orgasming somewhere in the vagina, that is your G-spot.

In addition, in some women there is also stimulation in the nipples or nipples, so finding female orgasm is very easy, just look for the right sensitive areas.

Revealing the surprising truth about men’s G-spot

Similar to women, men also have G-spots, but orgasms are more easily found in men than in women. The male trigger point is an extremely sensitive little nodule on the prostate. The orgasm point in men is also known as the P prostate point, this is the organ located below the bladder neck and surrounding the urethral area.
Revealing the surprising truth about men's G-spotThe man’s G-spot is in a rather special position. In men, the prostate contributes to the production of semen, which provides energy for sperm, and also plays an important role in sexual intercourse. Knowing how to use your hands to stimulate this position will help men get aroused and orgasm faster.

How to find and stimulate orgasm in men

You should first ask your partner how to stimulate the inner or outer P-spot. When performing an endoscopy, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • Lube helps reduce friction and prevent anal tears.
  • Condoms need to wrap fingers before inserting into the anus, keeping fingers clean and avoiding bacterial infection.
  • Wipe the anal area before and after P-spot stimulation.
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How to stimulate the G-spot in men from the inside:

  • Using lubricating oil on your fingers, gently rub around the anus, then slowly insert about 2 inches into the rectum, and then begin to move your fingers along the front of the rectum toward the penis.
  • Tap lightly to locate the prostate, then gently press on that P-spot and ask about your partner’s feelings and desires.

As a straight guy, many of you will find this method quite “gay” because most gay couples do “Hurricane” through the back door to help both of them orgasm. Once you experience orgasm due to prostate stimulation, you become addicted to that feeling. This is also why many people joke that “playing Pebe is addictive”. Luckily, we also have a relatively more masculine way of stimulating men to orgasm without having to go out the back door. But in terms of effectiveness, direct stimulation from within is not the same. Steps to stimulate external P-spot:

  • First, rub, rub, or press the tip of your index finger on the perineum between the scrotum and anus.
  • Experiment with different pressures or speeds to find the range in which he is most comfortable.
  • Use another hand to stimulate other sensitive areas of the body, whether it’s stroking the penis or gently squeezing the testicles.
  • Always ask your partner how they feel and what they want from the movements, whether they should be faster or slower…

Besides the main G-spot, there are many other sensitive points on the male body, you can use your fingers or lips to explore points, such as: B.: face, neck, earlobes, nipples, inner thighs, penis, testicles… Innnewyorkcity VN hopes that with the information about the G-spot and how to find the pleasure zone in men and women, the possibilities have understood to increase the desire. for love

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