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If you are a regular user of social networks, you must have often wondered what is gato? The following article from Innnewyorkcity VN.com will help you answer questions and understand the above concept.

What is Gato?

Gato is an acronym for “jealousy.”

From buying a new phone, to a beautiful and carefree lover, to earning a lot of money or just being beautiful, “jealous” people appear. In fact, if few people are “envious” of you, you won’t be too concerned and won’t have to worry too much. However, if you look closely, are more and more people today having this negative attitude on social networks? Why so?

Why are more and more Gato people?

In addition to understanding what Gato is, it’s equally important to understand why the condition developed so quickly. Basically, this is formed by 2 factors objective and subjective.

human factors

“Jealousy” is a perfectly normal mentality of many people in the world, if not everyone has it. However, if earlier people could only envy each other by thinking or talking behind each other’s backs, times would have been different. With the development of social networks, now everyone can express their opinion online without being criticized too much (sometimes even agreeing). Also, more and more “hidden heroes” are popping up, for example on Facebook, it’s not uncommon for clone accounts to “create karma” from site to site. Of course, aside from satisfying their gato, no one knows who they are. This creates a sense of security so they can freely say what they think and of course get jealous.

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What social factors influenced the creation of Gato?

However, it has to be said again and again, if we used to see successful people only around towns, villages and cities, today we meet “self-made CEOs” everywhere on social networks.
Why are more and more Gato people?
Besides really successful people, finding presidents and directors online is not difficult. If you surf Tiktok, you can see how many brothers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles are the owners of this company, this self-proclaimed company. Spending millions every day, driving a car, living in a luxury house makes us feel like everyone is rich (except me, our country has many millionaires). As a result, an increasingly self-deprecating mentality develops, which means that they always have a negative view of the successes of others, whether real or fake.

Why are humans Gato?

Jealousy is a trait that everyone has, but everyone has it to a different degree. According to research, the more competitive people are, the more jealous they are. This attitude is increased or decreased depending on the success of the person.
Why are they Gato?
Simply put, if you are successful and rich, have a beautiful wife and good children, drive a luxury car in a mansion, the number of people who envy you will decrease. If you are poor, money is tight, life is not happy, everyone you meet will think they are better than you. Therefore, it can also be said that the majority of Gato people often do not lead a satisfactory life.

What are the ways to control the amount of gato?

To get rid of jealousy, the best thing you can do is try to be successful, cut down on social media and change your perspective, become more positive and get along with people.
How to stop Gato?

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try to be successful

Instead of spending time sniffing and criticizing others, focus on working and learning to one day achieve what you want.

Discounts on social networks

As mentioned above, there are many “self-made CEOs” online, so the more you look at Facebook, Tiktok, the more negative emotions accumulate.

Change your personal mind

Instead of looking at other people’s achievements with envy, instead learn what they do to have money to buy new phones, luxury homes, nice cars, and riches. Not only does this help improve our negative feelings, but it also opens up new possibilities.
The article above has explained what Gato is and the causes of the increasing jealousy in society. I hope the above article not only brings knowledge but also helps you improve your thinking better.

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