What is Gei? Are gei and gay the same?

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What is Gei? Is it similar to gay? Those are probably two questions you’ll be asking yourself when you first hear the term. Although the term is new, you may be surprised to learn that it is not new in modern times.

What is Gei?

Although the word is homophonic and often confused with gay, it has the opposite meaning. Gei is a slang word used to describe guys who like girls.

At this point someone will surely say “Eh, so Gei is Les?”. But no, if Les are lesbians, they only love women and have absolutely no feelings for men, then Gei still loves men. However, Gei girls are very attractive to women for various reasons. There are some instances where many people confuse gei with nuns, but that’s not the case. For those who don’t know what fufu is, these girls are regular girls who love matching boys, supporting gays and even loving ship couples. regardless of whether the transported people like it or not.

Why do so many girls become Gei?

If you know what a gei is, do you know why they became gei? First we need to clarify that this is not a disease or due to hormonal changes in the body, but comes from many external factors.

The opponent is so beautiful

Normal (straight) men are almost never touched by “their own kind”, women are completely different. Standing in front of a beautiful, sexy girl can make girlfriends totally attracted, feeling like they want to have sex with each other, sometimes even have sexual desire. That’s why many girls change both emotionally and sexually. Have since fallen in love with a person of the same sex, although you still have feelings for a person of the opposite sex.
Why do so many girls become Gei?

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Betrayed by a man

A broken love after a long time of loving each other or being cheated on by the opposite sex can most likely change girls. Because the shock is too great, they gradually stop trusting men, instead feeling that same-sex people are more trustworthy, understand themselves better, and choose a same-sex relationship. These cases are becoming more common in young people. Partly because gender issues are more relaxed now, partly because so many people are becoming gei who have more or less influence in birthing a new trend.

Craving for “strange sensations”

Normal relationships are so boring, what’s more unique and weird? This is the cause of this case. Bored with the love between men and women and wanting to try new feelings from same-sex relationships, many girls become Gei.

Does Gei like men and women at the same time?

After learning the concept “What is a Gei?” Everyone thinks that Gei is a girl who likes both boys and girls, right? However, we have another term which is bisexual.
Does Gei like men and women at the same time?
Basically, gei and bisexual are the same thing, but when bisexual loves a long-term object, gei is mostly just a temporary affection. After a short time Gei will no longer feel like homosexuals and will want to return to heterosexual love. Note: Bisexuality occurs in both men and women, but they are deeply and completely in love for a long time, whether they are of the same sex or the opposite.

What are the characteristics to identify a gei girl?

Gei are often difficult to recognize because they are basically normal women and nothing has changed in their appearance. Even if they were gei, their manners and closeness to men remained the same. Nevertheless, we can recognize a gei girl by the following characteristics:

  • Or over-comment other girls: Yes! The common point of women is that they are very critical of others, but Gei will always say a great deal about the object they are aiming at and are more inclined to admire it.
  • Over-Interest in Women: Gei will often scrutinize the women they like. They often pay attention to observing, looking, or praising and caring for the object.
  • Keep your distance from men in front of the person you like.
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What are the characteristics to identify a gei girl?
When the above signs appear in a particular girl, more than 90% of them are Gei. Gei is of course not bad. But because the feelings are only temporary, the same-sex relationship between the two often doesn’t last long.
Above is the concept of “What is Gei?” as well as how to recognize Gei. Through this article you have understood and know if someone around you is a gei, don’t forget to visit Innnewyorkcity VN every day for more content!

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