What is green tea? Why is green tea scarier than Tuesday?

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While green tea used to be simply the leaves of the tea plant that were not dried and used to obtain drinking water, today this sentence drives many women “crazy”. So what has it been compared to by netizens that has such an impact?

What is green tea?

Green tea is a word often used to refer to girls who have an innocent, gentle, ethereal appearance but like to crack jokes and destroy the feelings of others. This reputation originated from China’s Weibo and is now quite popular in Vietnam. Green tea means “rain sister”, “sister sister”, adoptive sister, green tea sister.
What does green tea mean? These girls are often very scheming, cunning and love to flirt with rich men, married boys and lovers. They are extremely adept at hiding their bad girl nature, so it is difficult to protect yourself from green tea backstabs.

Why is the phrase “green tea” going viral on Facebook?

The unclear relationship between Thieu Bao Tram, Son Tung MTP and Hai Tu and a picture of a green tea cake posted by a hot streamer and YouTuber of singer Love Rosie has sparked “green tea drama” online. controversial online community.
Green tea ice cream cake causing ripples hasn't cooled for a long time

Characters identifying green tea – rain sister

If you want to know who green tea is, let’s immediately find out the most characteristic qualities of the rain girl – the green tea girl:

  • Long hair that parted down the middle happens to be a style loved by girls because it creates the innocence and charm that is needed.
  • Skin is a bit pale and pale, usually just average but a trait guys keep an eye on.
  • Or “roll your eyes” when speaking to the target, pretending “innocent” to appear cute.
  • Just as there are many types of tea such as: red tea, herbal tea, etc., these girls are also very diverse in design. They can look classy, ​​they can also be cute and pretty, but overall they are quite eye-catching, both mysterious and endearing.
  • Always criticize yourself and “flatter” the subject to appear pathetic.
  • As the “fairy” of many boys, she just likes to get involved in other people’s love affairs.
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How do you recognize green tea?Who is the green tea sister, what are her characteristics?

Why is the green tea rain sister scarier than Tuesday?

If tam – minor tam is often easy to reveal an intention to flirt with her lover, the “Green Tea” girls are quite secretive. They are extremely polite and courteous, so few people take precautions. Not infrequently, they simply become “sisters” and then grab your “ice cream”. Also, the “protective” qualities of men ensure that green tea or rain girls get a lot of attention. Men will feel that their sister needs to be valued, protected and ready to become a sworn elder and then accidentally get caught in a “love web” without knowing it.
Why is Drama Hai Tu green tea And especially when Tuesday is often jealously beaten by netizens, beaten mercilessly, these rainy sisters are different. Due to their innate innocence and false innocence, very few people doubt them. They are often viewed as victims and thus get away with crime. Not only that, instead of speaking out against the “right house”, green tea is quite secretive and presents itself as a victim. So dealing with them is much more difficult than on Tuesday.

The most common forms of green tea

Type 1: “He likes it, she hates it”

This is the innocent, pure and superior type that guys really like and often go after. This inadvertently made the other sisters uncomfortable by the Rainy Sisters’ “pretending” no light. However, the sad thing is that men often fall into a state of confusion and fail to see the true colors of green tea.

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Style 2: “Pure Green Tea Inside Out”

Both noble, pure, polite, innocent, ignorant, fearful, but extremely cunning. They often create a need for protection, hugging and love from both sexes. With this type of girl, male or female, you have to be very careful if you don’t want her to roll you over like a cricket.

Type 3: “Love first, hate later”

This is the type that few expect, the girls will show themselves as a very sincere and valuable person. Some even spoke about their own pathetic past. However, all to cover up the evil person inside. Especially most green tea girls – this type of green tea is quite strong and independent, so it’s normal for them to actively “flirt” with your other half. So, when you first meet her, you will love her, but once you know her true colors, you will definitely “swallow it with bitterness.”
Above is the concept of “green tea” causing bitterness in the online community. Innnewyorkcity VN hopes you have the best way to deal with this and guys know how to stay away from these girls.

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