What is GWTF? Dating style for people who have lost faith in love

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If you are new to the concept of GWTF, you may think that this is a relationship between a boy and a girl practicing love. But this is really the kind of dating that people who have lost faith in love desperately need. So what exactly is it?

What is GWTF?

GWTF stands for “Go with the flow” and refers to the “rainy brother (sister)” relationship. It can be said that this is the definition of the saying “over love under love”. It has a higher level of affection than normal siblings, more than friends but not enough to call it love.

These people are willing to enter into a romantic relationship, willing to put in the time, effort, and money to go back and experience that relationship, but it is truly free of strings and commitments. Force love between two parties. Because of this, this GWTF is also great for those who have lost faith in love. You are really scared, hesitant to fall in love with someone but still want to experience the romance, happiness and warmth that love creates.

Features of GWTF and how it differs from LTR

Going with the flow has quite a few things that a normal loving couple always has, but it mixes a lot more elements that make it change the nature of love a bit. It also has many similarities and differences with LTR – a long-term relationship. So what makes GWTF different from LTR?

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Go through everything like a normal couple

If couples in love usually hold hands, kiss lips, walk the streets, go out, talk, have sex, etc., then Going with the flow has it all. When it’s just casual contact, it’s hard to believe that they are not a couple. What is special, however, is that the two are not tied to one another.

Love is not bound

Since there is no attachment, people who are in a go-with-the-flow relationship can get to know each other fully, have a relationship with anyone, or even end the relationship at any time. Of course, the other person must not be jealous, controlling, clingy, or annoying. This is the biggest difference between the rain brother sister relationship and LTR.

Is a combination of love language and FWB

The ambiguous mix of romance and FWB can be considered the most accurate description of Go with the flow. When feelings between two parties are based more on interest than affection. What they do are values ​​that they both want to experience.
Features of GWTF and how it differs from LTR

consolation in love affairs

If you have big worries in life and just want to feel loved with no strings attached, then Flow might be your best bet. You can focus on building your career and family, but still have someone to share, confide in, take care of, and “get your needs met” when you need them. Some couples even use this type of relationship to “test” love. You will be comfortable in everything, not attached, not jealous to see if both really trust and move on. If all goes well, they can officially fall in love, otherwise the couple needn’t worry. And of course, how can the above be acceptable to those who are looking for a serious long-term relationship.

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Does the GWTF respect individual feelings or is it irresponsible about love?

Going with the flow is irresponsible to each other?

If you read this far, people will think that this relationship is irresponsible, they just want to please themselves without thinking about the other person. However, if you are not attached, you will both feel more comfortable being yourself and not wasting each other’s time.

Why is it interesting to go with the flow?

The ambiguity of this relationship due to the uncertainty and non-commitment makes the relationship more sublime. This motivates them to go further and in fact many couples in love have assumed “Go to the flow”.
Does the GWTF respect individual feelings or is it irresponsible about love?

Should I join this relationship?

If we had the chance, we wouldn’t mind starting a relationship like that, would we? However, it should be noted that the former is not a game for jealous or possessive people.
Innnewyorkcity VN hopes this article can help you understand what GWTF is and properly view and understand this relationship.

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