What is hickey? How to spawn hickey both high and safe?

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Hickey is viewed by young people as a way to express strong feelings for the person they love. Now this act is becoming a new sexual trend and also a way of showing a person’s possessions to many people.

What is hickey?

Hickey or hickey kiss is a word used to refer to strong kisses that leave marks on the partner’s body. This kiss also has many different names like vampire kiss, marker kiss… Explain why these names exist, because these are passionate, intense kisses that can cause a blood clot under the skin causing bruising all over the body. Hickey kiss marks are initially red, then turn purple, tan, and gradually disappear over time.

Is hickey dangerous?

Are hickeys on the neck dangerous? Hickeys or vampire kisses don’t cause too much pain once they’re done, they quickly go away in a few days. Hickeys are often left in soft patches, damaging the capillaries under the skin. As a result, blood will be more difficult to circulate in this area. Attempting to create improper “vampire kisses” can allow blood clots to travel to the brain and cause blockage and disruption of the cerebrovascular system. In fact, there have been deaths from hickeys. Having sex to create a hickey can also cause cold sores — the same disease that causes genital herpes in the mouth from unprotected sex.

How to make hickey effectively and safely

Vampire kisses often occur when the couple is “booming” to climax, or a little earlier when both are having excited foreplay. Do you know how hickey does that? Performing a hickey on your partner’s body is very simple. Please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You should ask the other person whether or not they are okay with letting you do the hickey and where you want the hickey.
  • Step 2: Select the area of ​​skin where you want to leave a kiss mark.
  • Step 3: You just need to put your lips on your lover’s selected areas, form your lips into an O shape, then press your lips firmly against the skin and suck strongly into your mouth, the stronger the suction, the more obvious the mark. Kisses harder, louder and clearer.
  • Step 4: After this pressure, about 30 seconds later, you kiss this position again, the “love bite” becomes darker. This is an intense kiss and can be a little painful, so you need to make sure it’s done properly so as not to upset your partner.
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How to do a neck kiss to make your partner feel How to Create Hickey Effectively and Safely As mentioned above, if you get it wrong, you risk endangering both people’s health. Make sure you only mark in the easiest and most sensitive places like the hickey on the neck or the hickey on the chest to increase the excitement and joy of your lovemaking. Additionally, hickey is a kiss closely related to sexual activity, so it’s best not to perform it in crowded places or public places.

Important hint to create safe hickey shield

Creating intense kisses that mark sovereignty does not actually pose any danger to you or your partner when done correctly. Therefore, be sure to take the following precautions:

  • Only when the kiss occurs with the consent of both can it achieve true and intense love.
  • Kiss marks should be placed primarily on soft, capillary skin areas such as the chest, neck, arms…
  • Don’t let too much saliva come out when you do the kiss sign.
  • To make the other person happy, don’t stop completely immediately after kissing, but continue kissing gently a few times, in combination with your partner’s cuddling.

Important hints on how to carry out hickeys to ensure safetyMake hickeys on lover’s neck

The fastest way to fade hickeys

You should note that hickeys are created directly on skin with many capillaries due to subcutaneous bleeding that can damage the capillaries, making the hickey difficult to remove quickly. . What you need now is time and perseverance. Some ways to smudge hickey that you can refer to are:

1. Cover hickey with concealer

This is the quickest way to fade hickeys, but this is only a temporary method. You should only use it if you don’t want others to stare at hickeys on conspicuous places like your neck or arms.

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2. Melt hickey by applying ice

Applying ice has the effect of rapidly reducing blood clots, which promotes blood flow. At the same time, it also helps reduce the speed and pressure of blood circulating around the hickey, preventing further damage to the capillaries. To use this method effectively, you should do it for about 15-30 minutes right after applying the hickey so that the blood does not stagnate. When applying cold, you should use an extra cloth or an ice pack, be sure to avoid applying ice directly to the skin.

3. Remove hickeys by applying heat

If ice only works on new hickeys, hot compresses will also work on hickeys that have formed for 1-2 days. Use a towel soaked in hot water or a hot pack to apply to the damaged skin to promote blood circulation. If you do this regularly, the hickey will disappear after two days.

4. Toothpaste helps remove hickeys

Using toothpaste applied directly to skin with hickeys will break up blood clots and fade bruises.

5. Use green tea grounds to fade hickeys

The green tea soil has the effect of reducing tissue swelling and dissolving bruises. You should use green tea 3-4 times a day, for about 10 minutes each time, to get the most noticeable effect. Hopefully by sharing the article you’ll have a better understanding of what the term hickey is, please think about it and practice it properly to make sure you have the most entertaining moments, and don’t forget to follow Innnewyorkcity VN for more Get updates news!

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