What is HJ? The secret to making it easy for your partner to reach the top with your hands

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You’ve probably heard terms like HJ somewhere… It’s fair to say that this is a common and well-known term in the 18+ world, but getting this technique right is no easy task. something anyone can do. Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity VN directly in the following article.

What does HJ mean?

HJ stands for Handjob, this is a sex method that uses hands to stimulate men’s “little ones”. Handjobs are often combined with some other skills like BJ (blow job) to help guys reach orgasm quickly.

It can be said that the nature of physical labor and licentiousness in men is the same. But most guys still prefer their partner to use masturbation because it brings more new feelings. These are all sex spices that help increase arousal and satisfaction for both.

What is HJ massage?

How to massage the “boy” with your mouth or your hands to increase pleasure and excitement for men. People often take this word to mean that manual sexual stimulation helps men reach orgasm easily.

Is manual work dangerous?

Manual intercourse also has many benefits when done properly. However, risks can also arise if implemented incorrectly or overused. So think carefully about doing it right so it doesn’t hurt.

Is handwork something for women?

When it comes to manual labor, most people will think that this technique is for male stimulation. This is not wrong, but in fact manual work is something for both men and women. And together we will get acquainted with the method of manual stimulation right in the following article.

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The most effective way to do manual sex in men and women

How to do needlework in women?

How to perform Han work on women?
A woman’s body has many pleasure points, so men who want her to orgasm with their hands can combine many movements in different positions. Here are some ways for your reference:

  • First, have them lie or sit in the most comfortable and relaxing position.
  • Foreplay with kisses on the lips or other sensitive points such as chest, neck, ears…
  • When the body has started to feel the stimulation, start using your hands to stimulate the most sensitive spot in your little girl. Should be done gently and combined with kisses, light touches on other sensitive parts of the body.
  • Gradually increase the stimulation rate as her body begins to respond so she can reach orgasm quickly.

How to do handjobs on men

The male body does not have many sensitive points. To help him orgasm quickly, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Men should sit or lie in the most comfortable position, and women should sit or lie on their side accordingly.
  • Use your hand to gently stimulate the penis with stroking and stroking gestures.
  • At the same time, you should perform stimulating movements, such as B. kissing on the lips or kissing some other body parts to increase pleasure.
  • Hold the shaft of the penis with your hands and gently stroke it from head to body until the man reaches orgasm and ejaculates.
  • In addition, girls can combine sucking and blowing to increase boys’ arousal. And don’t forget to press or massage his G-spot with your hands to increase pleasure.
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HJ’s secret to help your partner get to the top

In short, all methods of sex are aimed at the ultimate goal of achieving orgasm, as both climax. However, we need to know how to bring our partner to orgasm and climax. Here are some tips you need to know:

Be proactive

Be it men or women, they all want their partners to be more proactive. So take the initiative to initiate the first HJ effects to create the best feeling of comfort and stimulation for him.
HJ's secret to help your partner get to the top

Begin gentle foreplay

When you start falling in love, be gentle at first. This helps her have time to secrete vaginal mucus during foreplay, creating favorable conditions for love. Do gentle handjob moves for him to help him get in quickly.

Use your hands to hold the boy

You need to be gentle at first, but after you’ve been in the game for a while, gradually increase the speed. Especially with manual stimulation, she should hug him tightly and use a little force, he’ll definitely like that.

Don’t do it with one hand

Hand job is a method performed by hand, but to achieve quick pleasure you need to combine other movements such as: one hand stimulates the penis, one hand caresses the scrotum, combined with a firm tongue licking. like with just one hand. To make married life more varied and new, we can apply many different types of relationship, and HJ is also a great choice for foreplay. However, you must consider doing it properly to ensure your own safety!

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