What is Industry Girl? The easiest way to identify industry girls

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“Girls of the Industry” is no longer a foreign word in everyday life. Everyone uses this expression in stories about social life. However, do you fully understand the meaning of this phrase?

What does industrial girl mean?

Industrial prostitutes are the new term for prostitutes. This is a form of slang word recently spread by the online community to refer to girls who make a living selling their bodies.

Before the phrase “sister in the industry” was born, many people still used other familiar names to refer to prostitution, such as:

  • Cave.
  • girl on the street.
  • flower girl.
  • Prostitute.
  • I shop

Accordingly, the “industry girls” often use their body, also called “equity” to earn money. But why do people call it sex but rarely use men? Since research statistics have shown that the object of sex buying is mostly men, the number of women buying sex is very small. That’s why when most people talk about prostitutes, they usually talk about girls.

How much does it cost to use the Industry Girl service once?

Talking about the price of industrial girls is a lot. Depending on the activity, age, beauty and experience, the price per person varies. There will be many different prizes when playing the girl, even the boys can negotiate a suitable prize.

What should be considered when “contacting” prostitutes?

If you use this “fatigue” service, you will have to pay per shot or hourly. Pay-per-shot is calculated by the number of exports, one shot at a time. If you choose to go this route, the girls will often try to get you into the CIA. So what is the CIA? This is an abbreviation of the word “cum in alo” which means in the mouth. Guys will try to make friends using their mouth to stimulate your brother. And if it’s not your fault, then congratulations, you just lost money on a sloppy hit. Of course, not all customers are so “industrial”, there are also girls who will methodically, thoughtfully and devotedly serve you like lovers.

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The reason why many women become prostitutes and prostitutes

In most countries, the activity of prostitutes is usually forbidden, but there are still some countries that still allow the activity but are very strictly controlled. The reason why many women go into prostitution can be for many reasons, such as: difficult circumstances, cheated, manipulated… Also, some people go into prostitution because they want to make a profit. High income without capital investment, free time and more time to dress up.

What types of industrial girls and prostitutes are there?

Flower girl standing on the street

These girls go straight to finding clients in deserted streets. Prices are negotiated openly and quickly with customers. After closing, guests will be whisked back to the hotel for action.
What groups of prostitutes are there?Image of street prostitutes Street girls are often women who have fallen out of time, degenerated or “drifted” into prostitution. Most street girls aren’t top notch girls.

Prostitutes work in fixed places

These groups often engage in prostitution in fixed locations, hiding in the name of legitimate businesses such as cafes, karaoke, nightclubs, hotels, etc. These girls will propose services. to add when guests in need come to play. With renowned venues in the nightlife industry, their girls are carefully selected to make customers feel safer.

Call girl, girls make money online

These prostitutes are often less public, they choose people with a good income to visit them. Even married men who can take care of her can still be accepted as mistresses. These children can be found on websites, closed Facebook groups. Guests will contact the phone number they have provided to make an appointment.

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How to spot industrial girls in a note

In today’s technology age, you won’t have a hard time recognizing the girls in the industry as most don’t hide their identities, some even act openly. Here are ways to identify girls in the prostitution industry:

How to Spot Industry Girls on Facebook and Social Media

First, girls often check into luxurious places. These girls often post travel and vacation photos of famous people, or they can take pictures with a range of brand names, supercars… and the most expensive dishes. I rarely post photos of work.
What are the signs to easily identify industry girls?Photos of industrial girls on Facebook These girls are mostly call girls or luxury PGs with quite expensive travel expenses that only the rich dare to go to. The second is the type who does not disclose information, but often “shows off”. These babes will never show their faces, they will only regularly post sexy, hot photos with extremely sensitive words. These are the types of call girls or prostitutes that operate online. The price of visiting these girls ranges from a few hundred to a million dongs.

How to spot street girls

Groups of streetwalkers are easy to spot because their activities are very public but are often quite hidden on the sidewalk. They often wear heavy makeup, wear costumes that show off their full bodies, perky breasts, curved buttocks… and engage in sensitive positions to attract customers. Often living in public places, these street kids are easily teased by funny young people. But it’s best to be careful as there are always guards watching them.
Hopefully, with the interesting exchange above, you’ve gotten a better handle on the phrase “specialist girl” and have gradually lifted the curtain on the night duty industry. Let’s wait for the next interesting articles from Innnewyorkcity VN!

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