What is KDA? How to calculate KDA in League of Legends, PUBG, League of Legends

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Most gamers are familiar with the term KDA, but for those who are just starting to play League of Legends, PUBG and League of Legends it must be unfamiliar, so what does KDA mean? Let’s find out together!

What is KDA?

KDA is a compound word composed of the first letters of the following words: kill, death, assit, more precisely:

  • Kill: Number of kills in the game
  • Death: Number of kills in the game
  • Assist: Number of times to assist teammates in defeating opponents in the game

KDA is an indicator that measures and evaluates the strength of players in a game. The higher this value, the higher the player’s skills and vice versa.

Those who achieve the best KDA are the game’s MVP. However, KDA cannot fully assess each person’s ability, as the KDA of professional gamers is often not high due to the frequent chases and kills by fans in each game.

How to see KDA in game

1. Watch League of Legends KDA

For League of Legends players, you can easily see your kills, assists, and kills in the stats that appear on screen after each game.
What is KDA?

2. Watch KDA Lien Quan Mobile

League of Legends is like League of Legends, the stats are displayed after the game and the system also displays your KDA score.
What is KDA?

3. Watch KDA PUBG

For PUBG players, you need to visit and browse the site to view KDA results. Step 1: Visit the website: https://pubg.op.gg/
What is KDA?
Step 2: Enter the name of your PUBG character. Step 3: In the ranking area on the left corner of the screen, you can easily see your KDA.

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Easy way to calculate KDA

  • The formula for calculating League of Legends KDA after each game is as follows:

KDA=(Knockdown + Assist)/Knockdown.
What is KDA?

  • As with Lien Quan, Garena calculates KDA points based on many other criteria, so the game’s system calculates them automatically after each game.
  • PUBG KDA calculation formula:

KDA=Total kills in all games/All games you played.
What is KDA?
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