What is KS? Importance of killing in the game

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The word “KS” is an in-game term and is used quite frequently in life. Let’s find out the meaning of this word with Innnewyorkcity VN!

What is KS?

KS stands for the phrase Kill Stealing, which stands for the phrase Kill and Stealing, which means to steal. In the game, KS is understood as taking the life of the “enemy” of a fellow player.

Meaning of KS in the game

For games such as League of Legends, Lien Quan Mobile, Dota 2, etc., team unity is required, the KS action will result in a loss of teamwork. Just before finishing off the opponent, the “teammate” suddenly rushed out and easily took his life, no one can accept such superiority, especially when playing.
What is KS?
Network KS usually earns the player MVP fame, but if it goes too far, the player will be immediately reported by their teammates. At the same time, KS affects the strength of a whole team, so players should only use KS in normal battles with close friends to “troll” them!

Other meanings of “KS”

Besides, “KS” is also very popular in the daily communication of Vietnamese youth. For example, “ks” is often used to stand for “it’s okay,” and most Vietnamese use “ks” for short and quick Facebook messages.
What is KS?
In addition, the word “ks” is often used instead of the word “hotel”.
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