What is loli that many men love so much?

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What is loli? The term comes from the Japanese term anime. Currently, this concept is not only popular with Wibu, but also very popular with “pagans”.

What is loli? What does loli mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, loli are girls who have not yet hit puberty or have just hit puberty. However, in manga, the Japanese anime, this word is implicitly understood as girls who have grown but have the same physique and appearance as girls. Or can be understood simply and narrowly as “parent parent but student status”.

Loli girls often have cute, innocent and innocent looks and personalities, so it is not surprising that every type of entertainment from Japanese games, manga or anime has one or more characters of this type. This phrase doesn’t just stop there but is now used all over the world and has become a style followed by many girls.

What types of girls does Loli have?

Although almost all young people understand the term loli, very few know that we have a total of 3 different subgroups.

  • Real: Girls who have not yet or just started puberty. These girls are usually between 4 and 12 years old and of course they have the innocence and purity that age possesses.
  • Teenagers: Around the age of 13 to 18, these girls are taller and also a bit more mature than they really are.
  • Adults: These 18+ girls are almost fully formed but still look a bit like a teenager. Although his demeanor is a bit more mature, he still speaks very innocently.
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What types of girls does Loli have?

Why are these loli girls so popular?

Small, pretty, gentle and extremely lovable, these girls always exude innocence, frailty and frailty that both men and women want to protect and protect. It is therefore quite understandable that “loli babies” are always spoiled and loved to the fullest. It’s also easy to see that at work, at school, or in their family, they are always the ones who are always conceded, spoiled, and rarely scolded (how can they cry when they’re loud? ).
Why are these little girls so popular?

Why more and more loli?

To explain this, it is impossible not to mention the influence of the term anime and Japanese culture. The growth and spread of manga and anime are making more and more people aware of what loli is, so it’s no surprise that they love and become this stereotype. There are also many boys who use their looks to dress up as girls. So you have to be careful not to control yourself, you will know what it’s like to be beaten!

Are these loli girls cute?

Because of their small, frail, and childlike appearance, many people think they can’t do anything else. However, the reality proves that the loli girls are extremely talented in their strengths in addition to boundless cuteness.

What is the loli culture among young people today?

If you are a regular person who watches anime, reads manga, plays games or loves cosplay, is a true wibu, you can see the number of these “loli girls” increasing. Not only that, they are often the most popular characters in the group. At cosplay festivals, loli characters are more and more numerous. Many girls in particular also try to “saw horns” to transform themselves into girls to increase their cuteness and attractiveness.

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What’s it like to love a loli?

If you understand what loli is, you will realize that love for these girls is practically no different than for ordinary girls. You will still be immersed in love, happiness and joy, apart from being angry for no reason, unreasonable things only women understand.
What's it like to love a loli?
However, you will always have a lovable lover who is always cheerful, loves life, speaks very innocently and does not feel shy or embarrassed when outsiders think you are dating your sister. But no matter what, this will always be a love experience that you can’t always go through, so if you get the chance, don’t miss it!
Loli is no longer a trend, but an integral part of society. Innnewyorkcity VN hopes you better understand what loli is and get the right perspective on her.

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