What is male tea? Reveal How to Identify Male Triangle with 100% Accuracy

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What is male tea? Why should you stay away from Tra yeast? That’s probably a question many girls ask but haven’t received a satisfactory answer.

What is male tea?

Tra nam is a Sino-Vietnamese word used to refer to cruel men in romantic relationships. He is free spirited, adventurous and loves discovering new things in the opposite sex. But when the other wants to get married, he tries to avoid it.

According to the Chinese dictionary, “tra” means dirty, evil. In combination with the word “male”, this expression refers to a shameless, vile man. He always thinks love is just a temporary pleasure, so he’s unfaithful. This word is even used for some men who don’t have the will to advance themselves at work but prefer to live off others. For those who love love stories or romantic movies, or follow Chinese Tik Tok regularly, Tra Nam is certainly no longer a foreign term to them. Nowadays the word tra male comes up a lot in life. It is associated with men of bad character. He’s only good at flattering to cover up his smug, fake nature. Also, he is willing to use all tricks to catch two or more beautiful girls to cheat love and money.

What are the telltale signs?

Romance is always a touchy and difficult topic to talk about. Once in love, innocent girls often fall in love deeply and hard to stop. If she is betrayed, the girl will suffer, hurt deeply. So if you understand what tra nam is, you should learn how to recognize it below.

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Easy to release butterflies

Unlike good guys who are always sincere, the type man often lets loose teasing words. He is very psychological, always listening and ready to share any confidant with her. Especially when she has a sad story about family and work, he will play the role of a male god to comfort her.
What are the telltale signs?  - Easy release of bees and butterflies
Even girls who have failed in love or destroyed their marriages find it difficult to escape from love. He constantly flirts with juicy words that kill flies. Maybe that’s why she quickly fell in love, passionately infatuated. He came to her side and became a solid spiritual support for the girl. And of course she felt very happy, filled with happiness when he was next to her.

lies and lies

Despite often flirting sweetly, this type of man is very cunning. Not only does he love you, he’s also always in a two-handed position. When he finds a new, more attractive partner, he will use all sorts of excuses to leave you. This nimble personality seems to be rooted in the blood of this type of man. While falling in love with her, she has surely been deceived by this man many times. Maybe he’s holding hands with another girl. But if he gets a call or text from you, he’ll be quick to lie. He announced that he would receive guests with his boss or overtime.
What are the telltale signs?  - Fraud and deception

Or blame someone else?

With just a few obstacles, the true faces of these men are revealed. He will immediately blame others and wail to heaven and earth. More specifically, he never admits his mistake, but only blames one person at a time. If this type of man does not have a progressive attitude, he will quickly be “rejected” by society. In the end he was just a man who failed completely.
Hopefully with the above information you have a more comprehensive view of what Tra men are. Please add it to your secret love manual to choose the most worthy life partner for yourself. I wish you happy moments with lots of entertainment news from Innnewyorkcity VN every day!
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