What is Mlem Mlem? Did you get the correct meaning of the word mlem?

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Mlem Mlem is a new word that has recently appeared on the social network Facebook, but the influence it brings is extremely great. So what does this word mean?

What is Mlem Mlem?

Mlem mlem (pronounced “stain”) is a word used to describe the sound when you stick out your tongue and lick something. Mlem mlem is also a word to express desire, interest in something. On Facebook, many people often use the word mlem to comment when they see a picture or video of a delicious meal, a pretty six-pack, or a hot girl with an extremely fat body.

Where does Mlem Mlem come from?

This word comes from a video of a cat drinking water on IMgur and Reddit in 2015. The act of sticking out its tongue while drinking water creates a very special sound that people started using this word from. mlem to describe the above action. This is a word whose original purpose was to refer to the cuteness and cuteness of animals, but now on social networks its meaning is gradually changing a lot.

Why is Mlem Mlem so hot?

This is certainly a question of many people and that is why it is a trend of the youth. If in 2015 pictures of a cat drinking water were anything but cute, today such a video is highly viral. Add to that the fact that in modern times, and often online, young people use social networks much more than in 2015. Therefore, more and more trends such as “mushrooms grow after the rain” are emerging, so it is not surprising that many years ago it is popular now. In addition, Chinsu’s song “Mlem mlem” in collaboration with Min x Justatee x Yuno Bigboi makes this phrase even more popular. This marketing campaign by Chinsu aims to indirectly introduce their delicious product “mlem mlem”.

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The meaning of the word mlem mlem in every situation

Mlem with food

What does mlem mlem mean in each situation?Tasty food mlem mlem When eating, mlem expresses a desire to enjoy a tasty meal. For example, “mlem just look”, “mlem is so delicious”,… In the above context, it can be seen that mlem describes a delicious and beautiful feeling that everyone wants to enjoy.

Mlem for beauties

Mlem for beautiesMlem for beauty With pretty, cute people, “offensive chest, defensive butt” or daring skin-showing photos, mlem is used to take desire to a new level. . Here not only someone’s beauty is complimented, but also sexual desire. Because expressing your wishes to someone is quite sensitive and difficult to handle on social networks. Therefore, with the substitution of the word “mlem”, the online community can use it freely without being offensive but also funny.

Mlem having sex

Mlem Mlem's lovermlem lover mlem The word mlem here describes the act of licking another person’s genitals. And if you are an “experienced” person, this action is certainly not too strange. Also because this is quite a sensitive action, the word mlem is also used to create a more comfortable and sweet feeling when others are reading or listening.

The word mlem in a different context

In addition to the above cases, this expression is also used in some cases, such as:

  • Similar to bluff, ble ble, i.e. the act of sticking your tongue out at someone to annoy them. However, mlem brings a much happier and more comfortable feeling, which is pretty cute for girls.
  • Use with drinking water: Of course, since the origin of this trend is a video of a cat drinking water, many people change it to “Go Mlem Here” or “Go Mlem” instead of “Go Drink Water”. “. I want to drink too much” changed to “I want to drink too much”. This method is often used by girls to add cuteness and tenderness.
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Is the word mlem mlem really cute?

Is the word mlem mlem really cute?Meaning of the word mlem mlem If you’re wondering whether the use of this word is sweet, lovely or not, the answer is YES. Mlem not only expresses a cute action, but is also a subtle expression for sensitive actions that helps readers and listeners not to feel offended or offended. However, today the word mlem has been distorted in a much more vulgar sense than its original meaning. Therefore, you should also maintain a moderate level and not abuse it too much.
Thanks to its super cuteness, Mlem Mlem has become a very popular word these days when someone wants to talk about slightly sensitive topics. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to get all your questions answered!

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