What is mud? Do guys like chubby girls or chubby girls?

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When it comes to a girl’s body, people often use words like “puppy”. So praise or criticism? Does this word mean pure or dark?

what does that mean?

Mud is a commonly used adjective in the South to refer to girls who have a full, round body and are very attractive looking. Once a girl is praised for being chubby, it means that the girl has a full body, has flesh and skin, has a relatively normal 3 lap measurement, larger bust size and bust size, looks very attractive. In other words, it also means “full of water and electricity”.
This is a way to enhance her slightly voluminous body. However, the meat here is not fatty or chubby. The simplest understanding is the girls with above average body but not too fat. Many people, when they hear the word “muddy,” think that it has an obscure meaning, but its meaning is pretty clear. However, many girls are still quite “allergic” to this compliment.

How to distinguish chubby girls and fat girls

Many people mistakenly think that girls are round, full and chubby, but if you understand the characteristics of each body type, you will clearly see the difference:
How to distinguish chubby girls and fat girlsThere are many characteristics that distinguish chubby girls from fat girls.

over the face

The girls of the type “full strength and water” usually have a full face, clear facial features. And fat girls often have very round and large faces, even with double chins.

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In chubby girls, the collarbone is often clearly visible, while in obese girls, the collarbone is often hidden by the outer layer of fat, so we can’t see it clearly.

About physique

The figure of girls with a full body is usually round, but still retains a certain slenderness, clear body lines and attracts the eyes of others. And fat girls often have a slightly heavy physique and a lot of fat on the body.

chest part

A full-bodied girl’s breasts are often enlarged and look very attractive. The breasts of fat girls are also quite large, but they are accompanied by excessive fat lines under the armpits and on the back.

waist part

The girls have a reputation for having flesh and skin, but if we look at them with the naked eye, we can easily distinguish their waist, and the fat girls have a fat waist, the waist is not clear.

biceps and thighs

Most biceps and thighs on full bodied girls still retain their neat lines, have flesh but not the point of fat. The biceps and thighs of fat girls have a lot of fat and the muscles are a little flabby.

Do guys like chubby girls?

With the above information, you must have answered your questions about chubby girls and how to spot them. So now let’s ask ourselves the question: do boys like girls with skin? The answer is of course yes. Can guys resist the allure of a girl with a sexy body? Such girls know very well who they are and they are good at seducing the opposite sex, they don’t have to be as innocent and sweet as green tea girls, but their looks are also good enough to make men swoon.
Do guys like chubby girls?Most guys like girls with meat. For example, if you surf social networks, you must have come across pictures of chubby girls with lots of comments from male friends expressing love and praise. To explain this favorite reason most men say:

  • Girls with a full body are more attractive than girls with a very thin or fat body.
  • Embracing the whole body in winter will give men an indescribable feeling.
  • The electrifying lines on the girl’s body will stimulate the “male instinct” in bed more.
  • Chubby girls are usually healthy and strong.
  • The chubby faces of these girls are often personable to the other person.
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Above we share the concept of chubby, hopefully after understanding the meaning of this term you will no longer be confused when distinguishing between a chubby girl and a fat girl. Don’t forget to follow Innnewyorkcity VN for useful information!

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