What is passion? What types of passion stories are there?

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Passion is currently a term that has become very popular among young people, especially girls. Do you know what passion means? Find out with Innnewyorkcity VN in the article!

What is the term passion?

Passion is a combination of two words “passion” in the word passion and “beauty” which means beautiful in Chinese which means passion for beauty. In Vietnam, passion is known as a genre of stories that exploit the theme of love between two boys. In the west it is often referred to by the alternative word “boy love”.
Passion is the word for two men who love each other. The trend of passionate reading originated in China and was introduced through space to Vietnam with the love language genre. When love language exploits the ordinary love between men and women, the lily is a very different version of passion. So what is a connection? Put simply, these are works on the theme of the exploitation of female-female love. In romance novels there are often other terms such as: public – real.

  • Cong is a man slightly more masculine than Thu, who also plays an active role in a passionate relationship, or the role of “husband” can be called.
  • Receiving contradicts the character and nature of the gong. They are usually quite gentle and somewhat weak, playing the role of “wife” in man-man relationships.

Who is a fan of passion?

With the above analysis, you must have a better understanding of what the term passion is, right? So, who is passion idolized by?
Who is a fan of passion?Passionate girls are often called nuns. Most people who read romance novels are young girls, teenagers. For fans who are crazy about this novel, they are given the name “nufu”. There are also a few male friends who enjoy reading Hu Nam stories. Most enthusiasts of the genre have a rather “strange” personality, they often like to “push the boat” for the guys and support them together.

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What are some common themes in geek fiction?

It can be said that love stories are among the genres of stories that are very diverse in both content and context. Passion is a combination of urban modernity, from ancient to transspace, transspace, opposite mind, opposite body, co-human…

1 pass – 1 work

It was one of the first passionate genres to be born, popular with fufu women. Some 1 x 1 passion sets that you shouldn’t ignore such as: Through the system, Ma Dao Patriarch…
What are some common themes in geek fiction?  - 1 increase of 1 ton1 man loves 1 man is a famous passion genre

What is the modern metropolis in passion?

Urban modernism is also a genre of passion born very early, with content revolving around modern contexts interwoven with other genres, such as house, no country can reach …

ancient, ancient

The love story is built on an ancient context, which is very popular because ancient history can be interwoven with other genres, such as Qin Thien, Hoa du Long…

passion for NP

NP is the most passionate genre that is multitasking (1 multi-pass) or multitasking (1 multitasking). The love affairs love story is built in a story shared by many people.
passion for NP1 man can also love many men. However, because of this contrast, the NP genre creates a great attraction for fufufu. Some series of passions of NP genre like: Evil Palace, Nightmare, Twin Devils…

what is not passion

The spaceflight genre is a kind of story in which the main character is accidentally transported to another time or space. The setting could be hundreds or thousands of years ago. A common feature of a love story across space is that the character is constructed to travel through space through soul, through body, or perhaps both soul and body. Some genres of Xuyen stories cannot be mentioned, such as: Who is the true lover, Bach Thao Trich Tinh, His Royal Highness…

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The main content of this love story revolves around characters who are soldiers, often combined with some other genres like 1 x 1, NP… Some military series can be mentioned like: Punishment. The system is paralyzed, love the overbearing police…


Usually takes place in the old royal palace and revolves around characters like emperors, empresses, princes… Some names like: Bach Thao Triet, prison opener, Giang Son doesn’t love eunuchs…

Genre of passionate entertainment

What is the genre of entertainment in passion?There is a lot of passionate love in the entertainment world. The passion for the entertainment genre often revolves around the main characters, who are singers, actors and people involved in the field of art. Some examples can be mentioned like: Superstar Dai Chien, Take off Entertainment, Dog Photo Empire Entertainment,…


The genre of bloodthirsty stories is built on a bloodthirsty relationship with each other, often combined with other types of stories… A few names can be mentioned, such as passion, you answered your concerns. At the same time, there is another way of looking at this term and enthusiasts of this melodrama.

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