What is PG? Are PG models as bad as you think they are?

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In recent social networking applications, people often come across acronyms like: PG, PGB, PGA… So what is PG? What types of PGs are there? Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity VN through the following article!

What does PG mean?

PG stands for Promotion Girl in English. Translated into Vietnamese, PG means model, marketing and advertising staff.
PG are pretty faced, good height girls doing marketing. Girls who work as PGs often have good looks, ideal height, beautiful faces, and good communication skills. Thanks to this, they can do their jobs well and promote products to customers more widely. The PG profession is one of the true professions. However, now the expression PG is gradually changing its form and becoming ugly in the eyes of many people. Because of the appearance of a number of party PGs below.

What is PGB – PG specialized in Party B?

PGs are PGs who specialize in serving food and speaking to customers. They play the role of girlfriends, lovers, secretaries of big bosses. Since then, many people often misunderstand that all Buddhist practitioners are equal, which causes many difficulties for those who choose to follow Buddhism.

PGA – What is the bad side of the PG profession?

What is PGA? Why is this called the negative side of the PG profession? In fact, they do the same job as the PGB girls. However, PGAs will serve customers from A to Z. They’re just willing to “spread their legs” to make a little extra cash when customers need to “relieve fatigue and have fun.”

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What is the task of the girls who do PG?

Once you understand the meaning of “What is PG”, you will surely have a different view of the specific work of PG. Depending on the environment and different professions, the PG profession also has different divisions. Most people who work in the PG profession also hold general jobs such as:
What is the task of the girls who do PG?PGs often promote business owners’ products.

  • Dress up beautiful and sexy costumes, you can add the company logo to give gifts, try products … of the company or company.
  • Introduce customers to programs that companies and stores organize to persuade and negotiate with customers during the process of signing or buying and selling products.
  • Representing brands in advertising and marketing products at events and launch ceremonies.

Many views believe that PGs are just good looking girls, 3 standard rounds, sexy clothes and service girls in disguise. But that’s a misconception, we can’t “wave the chopsticks” and think that all PGs are the same.

Chances and difficulties of PG girls

Now that we understand what PG is, let’s explore the opportunities and difficulties faced by girls working as PGs.

What career opportunities does PG have?

Chances and difficulties of PG girlsPG usually works in a good environment.

  • Being a PG is pretty easy, you don’t have to work as hard as other jobs, so it’s also the choice of many young people who want to earn some extra income.
  • PG’s salary is very attractive, usually paid by the hour and is very high. If you work hard, the salary is much more attractive.
  • The work environment is very positive, being exposed to many relationships helps a lot in life and in many areas and helps me to gain experience for work and life.
  • With the diversified development of the market economy and the increasing demand for advertising and marketing, this is an opportunity to open up many employment opportunities for PG at present.
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What are the difficulties of the PG profession?

Of course, each profession has its own difficulties, but the teaching profession has different characteristics, the following are the difficulties of this profession:
What are the difficulties of the PG profession?Girls who work as PGs are often very dependent on beauty.

  • The work of the PG profession is quite complicated, there is not much time to rest, which causes fatigue and depression, causing many people to quit their jobs.
  • As a profession that depends on beauty, the later the girls, the harder it is to get good invitations. Revenue has also fallen since then.
  • It has a great effect on health, although it does not require much brain, but as a PG, you have to stand in one place in high heels for a long time, often stay up at night, get up early, make art, serve guests, you often get pressure. , which can lead to health problems.
  • PG is a profession with many prejudices of society, besides real PGs, there are still people disguising themselves as this profession to achieve other purposes… so many people have no understanding of this profession and often make jokes. . , touch the body.
  • Often delayed or underpaid because this is a profession negotiated with only words, without contracts or papers, so the PG students suffer more.

In short, if we understand what PG is, we can see that this profession is not as bad as we think. Even being a beautiful girl has her own set of difficulties at work. Hopefully, as time goes on, many of you will get a more objective view of those who do PG.

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